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How do I train my dog to stop jumping up on me?

My dog is pretty well trained, but when I walk in the door or when I pull out the leash to take her outside she starts jumping up on me and running in circles and won’t sit to allow me to put the leash on. She will sit on command when I am not just walking int he door or standing there with the leash, but I can’t her to listen to me when she gets excited. She came partially trained from the family I adopted her from. I don’t want to pay for obedience classes just to teach her to stop jumping up. What is a simple method I can use to train her? I don’t mind lots of work, I just need to know where to start. Thanks.
To the people who are telling me, oh, she is just excited to see you, just let her go…there are reasons people train dog and letting a dog do whatever they want and not be trained is just poor ownership. I was asking for training advice, not your ethical standpoint on how asking a dog to sit is cruel.

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17 Responses to “How do I train my dog to stop jumping up on me?”

  1. trovanhawk said :

    When she jumps up on you, either step back or turn your back to her so she goes back down to the floor. Do not give her any attention when she jumps up, but when she is on the floor give her lots.

  2. josh b said :

    she/he might think that a couple of hours is alot and misses u so it just gets excited to see u so the dog jjuumps on u that wat happen to me

  3. Jill S said :

    This worked on my Border Collie. When she jumps up on you, step on her back feet. You don’t have to stomp on them or anything, really just a tap works. This makes them jump down. It may take a while, but like I said, it does work.
    Good luck!

  4. estmirabilis said :

    i agree that the dog is just excited to see you at the end of the day. just let her be. when she jumps on you, just keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the love.

  5. Sugr sweetie said :

    Ok, she probably jumps on u to say “hi”. To make her stop saying “hi”, just give her a treat carefully and not too close. The dog will stop paying attention to you and pay attention to the treat. After that treat, give her a meal or something. She won’t be excited, she’ll probably need to go OUTSIDE. So open the door and stand in front of it. When she’s excited, dodge to the side and she’ll jump OUTSIDE. That’ll probably make her expect to stop doing it since you’re avoiding it.

  6. viper said :

    well thr most probabl reason for the dog to jump on you is because its happy to see you and i cant think of a way to get it to stop unless you yelled at it or something.

  7. doza1621 said :

    When she jumps up on you, gently push her off and say “Off.” Make sure you maintain a calm, assertive energy. She may be feeding off of your energy if you’re excited. Keep repeating the “Off”. She’ll get the picture. Once she is off and calm, have her sit. When she does sit, go ahead and give her a small treat, then put her leash on. She’ll begin to understand that when she jumps up on you, she won’t get a treat, she won’t get praise from you, and she won’t get the leash, which means no walk!

    If she’s still not getting the idea and is still running around and being excited, just walk away. She’s excited for your attention, but if you walk away, she’ll learn that that kind of behavior doesn’t get a reaction from you. When she does calm down, try having her sit to put on the leash again.

    We used this method on our puppy, and she now sits at the door and waits for us to put on her leash before going outside. I hope that helps!

  8. angelickisses4u_2003 said :

    one way that i know of is to put some plain old water into a spray bottle and everytime he jump on you tell him “no!” then spray him in the face with the water.

  9. monkeymomma46 said :

    My dog like to jump up too and even for a treat so i wouldn’t try the treat thing, she’d just jump for it !!! I tell my dog ” NO JUMP” and i don’t give her anything when she jumps up !! She is doing better then she was for sure !! And when i get the leash out i have to keep telling her to sit, i don’t put the leash on until she will sit !!!!!!! So she’ll know she better be still if she wants to go out!!! now she is jumping over the baby gates we have up !!!! Now we need to know how to stop this !!! for now she has to go in her cage everytime we leave the house or she’ll jump over into the other room were she’s not allowed !!! I guess you just have to keep being persist with the dog and saying no and don’t give any attention when they are acting bad ,only give it when they do good !! Also i have heard of this one which i try to do sometimes and she back down from the jump before she gets hit ! When she comes up to me and gets ready to jump up I put my knee up in front of me so she can’t jump on me, it blocks her and she knows she can get hit by it so she backs down! Some may say its cruel but it does work ! And the book i just read about Marley(living with the worlds worst dog) that is what he done with Marley cause he would jump on anyone that came through the door !! But Marley got hit pretty hard with the knee !! Its a good book to read by the way !! anyway you could try it , its up to you ! I wouldn’t hurt my dog but i will put up my knee if i have to stop her from jumping on me !!! cause she’s a big dog!and could one day hurt me !! good luck !! and spraying water on her does not work !! we even tryed it for the gate jumping , and No , she just takes it and looks at it like whats that for?? doesn’t bother her one bit!!

  10. soccer_crzy said :

    My dog does thes the same thing. When she starts jumping on you say “No!” and smack her nose, if she just jumps on you again then smack her nose again until she stops then once she does pet her and complament her in a nice soothing voice. Some dogs can’t tell right from wrong so when she does something like that say it in a angry voice and smack her nose so she understands. for the first few days she will still jump on you, but after a while she should stop. Good luck to ya!!!

  11. tom l said :

    Dogs really have a hard time understanding “not”, so why don’t you teach the dog “to” instead. Doesn’t really matter what you teach them as long as you teach them to do something. I teach mine “place” and they go sit on their little rug. You could probably just continue to work on “sit”. But you will have to be consistent about it. When you have the dog on lead never allow it to go through a doorway before you go through it, make her sit while you walk through and then call her to you. When you feed her make her sit while you put her food down and then release her when it is OK for her to start eating. Get the idea???? Have her sit before ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

  12. Dani said :

    Ok… A few things…

    1. When you come home and she is excited, ignore her until she calms down. When she is calm give her lots of praise and maybe a treat. Be sure not to always give her a treat because then she will learn only to do it for treats.

    2. When you are going to take her for a walk, take out the leash, show it to her, and wait for her to calm down. It will probably take a while but it is worth it in the end.

    3. When other people come to your home tell them to ignore her unless she is calm and has “4 on the floor” meaning all her paws are square on the ground.

    4. This one is a little more to the point. When she comes at you ready to jump or jumping stick out a knee. It should hit her in the chest. Don’t jab, but don’t be too soft. It may knock the wind out of her but she will learn. It should really be her weight that is going onto your knee.

    P.S. If you love dogs read Marley & Me. It explains number 4 pretty well too!

    P.S.S. Dogs don’t understand NO. Don’t hit a dog because they start to fear hands. I know this because I voluteer training Guide Dogs for the Blind. Only say NO when they are doing something HORRIBLE. Dont EVER hit a dog. They dont lear from it.

  13. Joie de la Vie said :

    I have a pit that is like this.She lives indoors and has a lot of attention! But when she wants to “Go for a Walk with the Leash”She gets Very excited as you have mentioned.The best trick that has worked for me and her is,’ lightly’stepping on her back paw and putting the leash behind my back with the command ‘No!’ and ‘Down’. When she calms down where I Can put the leash on her without being knocked over I give her a treat ‘After’ she is hooked up and calm [ well at least some what Calm- Where She ISN,T JumPing all over the place]xD
    She will Always get Excited when I go to the leash.Thats “HER Time with HER OWNER” that she is proud to be with.
    I,m sure if you continue this method Yours will do the same.

    And don,t get mad at her..She is just proud She HAS YoU for an owner..some dogs don,t have what you and me give to our BeLovedFRIENDS-our dogs-True Love.
    Good Luck

  14. 400lbtwins said :

    step on his back feet but not too hard

  15. Misa M said :

    Please don’t step on your dog’s feet, **please don’t hit your dog.** You know that your dog is going to jump on you, so when you see her gather herself to jump, simply turn around. Remove the reinforcer and you will stop the behavior.
    And I’d work on rewarding calm behavior around the leash. Put the leash on the floor and reward her for offering sits and downs – you’re looking for her to make the decision to do these things, after she realizes that frantic dancing won’t get her anywhere.
    Be prepared for an extinction burst. This happens when the dog really tries to make her undesirable behaviors work. Just stay consistent and reward what you do want.
    And, since you’re not afraid of lots of work……….

  16. ispooky2 said :

    Well, my dogs still get very excited when it’s walkies time. They jump up, & I fall over & then I get licked. Seriously, I reckon if you train them to respond to the word “NO” then there you have a start.

  17. Amagetron™ said :

    just hold the leash, and stand there quietly. don’t make any eye contact. After a few minutes, when the dog spent its energy, tell her to sit and then leash her. If she jumps up again, just stand like a statue again and do it all over. She will catch the idea.


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