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How do you train a dog to stop jumping over a fence?

I have 3 dogs, 1 cat and a turtle and I’m having trouble with my middle dog. It’s a female dog hybrid of a German Pointer and a Dalmatian. And it jumped over a 5’9 foot tall fence and ran in to the street where a car almost hit her. It keeps doing it we tried punishing it but she just keeps doing it! I’m scared that6 the next time a car will run her over! Is there anyway to train a dog to stop jumping over a fence?

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7 Responses to “How do you train a dog to stop jumping over a fence?”

  1. Manal S said :

    you should try to encourage her instead of punishing her and you should try to reward her i used to have a dog one tome and that’s how i got her to me pretty obedient so i hope i helped and i think that would be the answer for your dog!!!!

  2. Matt said :

    break its back legs. it will be less painful than getting hit by a car.

  3. D.E.Bunker said :

    FIX the fence.
    TETHER the beast ….far enough back back the it won’t hang itself trying again.
    A HOT-WIRE will work wonders,as well.

    &…mutts are NOT “hybrids”,they just mongrels. MULES are hybrids.

  4. vballer29 said :

    OK first of all none of us needed to read that shit above, none of us give a crap about ur pets or ur life. y not just leave it at “How do you train a dog to stop jumping over a fence” instead of making us waste our time reading the rest of that dumbass? The answer is simple. Punish it if it jumps over the fence. Simple enough but apparently not simple enough for you.

    @ Matt: lol

  5. Michael said :

    I have two tips: I’m no expert but this is what I would do.

    1. Raise the fence. This is the cost saving method. If you do this and she tries to dig her way out then you should try putting cat litter around the fence. It irritates their nose.

    2. Try using an electric fence. It sounds cruel, but it does not cause serious pain. Over time she will learn that “Hey, if I get too close to this fence I will not like it”

  6. Bindi *No such thing as 100% R+* said :

    Make sure she’s receiving enough mental and physical stimulation first and foremost. Sticking a dog in a backyard to exercise itself doesn’t work.

    After you’ve ensured she’s got plenty of mental and physical stim, you need to make so she can never jump the fence again. If you try *insert whatever here* and she gets out so you try *insert next thing here* and that doesn’t work etc. You are essentially training her to be an escape artist.

    Raise your fence, install coyote rollers at the top or point the upper part of the fence in at an angle. You can use a hot wire, but you’ve got to be careful with that too. It can cause issues with your dog if you aren’t providing more than a backyard to run in.

    If you can’t do any of that, then she doesn’t go out unsupervised period.

  7. Little Biscuit said :

    Train her to jump where you’d like her to jump. She sounds really great at it. Jump through hoops, over hurdles, over you, on top of things, etc. Also, make it more rewarding to stay in the backyard than escape. You do this by playing with her and praising her for being in the backyard. A lot of dogs do bad things to get attention and for fun. If you give her attention and fun, she has less reason to jump over the fence and run away.


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