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What’s an easy and somewhat quick way to learn guitar?

I need to learn guitar so i can lead worship at my church, i can read treble clef and i already play violin and viola so i’m musically inclined but i wanna add the guitar to my “arsenal” any tips on learning how to play?

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3 Responses to “What’s an easy and somewhat quick way to learn guitar?”

  1. jonb said:

    You would probably do well with a self-study course. Two of the more popular ones right now are listed below. Learn and Master is a DVD course which they ship to you. Guitar Tricks is an online course which you access through your computer. Both will give you good technique foundation, and with your existing experience you could breeze right through the sections you already understand like “reading music.”

  2. sam said:

    I lead worship as well. Best way to start is to forget about the treble clef and read the chord changes which come above the stave at the start of each bar (normally). Learn the basic chords from Youtube or similar (A,B,C etc And Amin Bmin Cmin) then learn some rhythms. Most worship songs you can get away with Just a straight 4 4 strumming pattern. Keep it simple to start with until you get more confident. When you get confortable with chord changes and strumming patterns you can start playing songs on guitar. The hardest bit is usually the chord changes, they must be smooth and quick and make no noise.. If you are feeling confident, start singing the songs while playing guitar and you may begin to adjust the strumming pattern to fit with the feel of each different song.
    Thats about it.

  3. Daniel said:

    There are lessons available online specifically for worship guitar. You should be ahead of the curve since you already play a stringed instrument. Medium to light strings should help make the transition easier on your fingers.


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