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Is it hard to learn to play Guitar?

I can read music(I play flute and some piano). I am fully aware those 2 instruments are nothing like guitar, but I have some experience with music. I am talking about electric guitar, like ozzy tracks, or linkin park. Not that this makes a big difference, but my little brother has Guitar Hero, and I can do everything on expert very well. I just want to know if I should try to learn how to play guitar.

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4 Responses to “Is it hard to learn to play Guitar?”

  1. J said :

    yes it is hard to learn how to play guitar.

  2. Eevee 90 said :

    I think you should give a try. I am a drummer, only learned piano until grade 1 and I wish to learn guitar too~ But just nomal guitar, not those bass and lit guitar.

  3. mike j said :

    Guitar may seem to be difficult at first, but it just gets easier and easier. I don’t think guitar is all that hard except for certain advanced techniques like sweeping…

    Also don’t think that playing a real guitar is like playing guitar hero.. it’s not.

  4. Wowomg said :

    It’s probably one of the easiest instruments to learn quickly if you just learn to read tab and you should be able to play some easy rock songs within a month or two. It is, however, extremely difficult to play progressive metal, mathcore, etc. and will take many years to be able to play some of the more difficult genres.

    Learning to read music with guitar is a bit more difficult than piano because it is a three-dimensional instrument and many of the same notes are scattered around the neck, rather than just having a single line of keys that all play different notes. Tab is much easier and if you ever want to learn a song you can look it up on and there is probably a tab of nearly any song.

    Being able to play Guitar Hero probably won’t really help you play guitar. The only thing I could see it doing is improving coordination.

    Also, you don’t have to, but I would recommend starting off with an acoustic. Acoustics are overall harder to play and harder to get a clean sound out of playing quickly, but it makes it much easier making a transition to electric guitars. Steel string acoustics also build calluces quicker which will make it easier to play.


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