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How did u learn to play guitar?

Just wondering if you took lessons, listened to music you liked and learned to play the tabs for it, books, DVDs, etc. I am wanting to learn and cant figure out the best way of doing it, Ive had numerous people say to just read the tabs and only try to play the music you like, then Ive had some disagree with that. So, how did u learn to play and what kind of music do you play?

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5 Responses to “How did u learn to play guitar?”

  1. TG said :

    If you only play songs through tabs, you will only know how to play other peoples songs, and if you want to write your own, they become ripoffs of other riffs. Learn guitar theory, and you will be able to write better, and improvise better. If i need a solo on the spot, I pick a scale, a key, and roll with it

  2. Tanner said :

    I play bass so i looked at Blink 182 songs
    Example of search( or Josie bass tabs
    either works
    But you have to lesson to the song and look at the tabs you will catch on

    ITs better to start out easy then you will get quicker then move to more harder songs

  3. platypus113 said :

    there was this music book i read that taught songs and chords and notes, the name currently escapes me…

    mine? please help if possible:

  4. Ken C said :

    I started on piano when I was 8 (my mom was a pianist and organist). A year later, when I figured out it was really tough to strap a piano to your shoulder and jump around, I decided to get a guitar (I had an older cousin that lived down the street who played).

    So…I bought this hideous acoustic that had strings 3/4″ off the neck and a book of chords. I asked my cousin to show me some stuff. He showed me a C chord, a G, and an F, and then realized he was late for a date and left.

    Since I could read music (from piano), I worked through a couple of beginner books (this was the late 60’s…no videos or internet). I started playing along with records, and that really developed my ear.

    The only formal guitar lessons I ever had were 6 months of classical that I took about 20 years ago. I was worse after the lessons, so I figured that was God’s way of telling to keep playing rock-n-roll;)

    Being able to read, and understanding music theory and chord structure were extremely helpful in learning how to play for me. I picked up bass when I was 12 and concentrated on that pretty heavy for the next 15 years (listening to Chris Squire of Yes and John Entwistle of The Who).

    I got back into playing guitar full time back in 1998 after I moved to Austin.

    I play blues-based rock-n-roll with my main band now (, and still do a fair amount of studio work as well (which is usually the same type of music or Texas outlaw country).

    If you can learn what notes are in a Gmin9add6 chord, and what it resolves to (C maj quit nicely, thank you), you’re going to be way ahead of someone who has just memorized positions on the neck, and has no idea what notes they’re playing.

    Good luck to you.

    Greetings from Austin, TX


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