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How has our poor economy affected you? What have you given up or will you give up to financially survive?

Okay, I gave up buying lunch everyday. I bring leftovers or I go to the deli offering a salad for $3.50 instead of the place offering a $10.00 salad. Also giving up smoking helped financially and of course better for my health. I am more conscious with the utilites (leaving lights on etc.) my husband got a more fuel economy car.

I’m curious to hear what others are doing.

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7 Responses to “How has our poor economy affected you? What have you given up or will you give up to financially survive?”

  1. loulouthefirst39 said :

    I’m staying in my apartment. I want a house so bad, my mom/sisters each have 2! I have NOTHING, but I’m the only one with kids. I’ve been raising them on my own for 8 years, in this 1 br apartment. I went house hunting, and the houses came down $40,000 since I looked, but I still can’t even afford a one bedroom condo. I5-7 years ago I could’ve bought a small cape with this job.The economy just keeps poor people in lousy neighborhoods. I hate to say it, but it generalizes all of us, & separates the classes. BTW, didn’t the US colonists leave England to avoid taxes? If I owned a property, taxes would take HALF my income, here in NJ. This is criminal!

  2. alize_bart said :

    Thankfully I’ve always been good with my money. I’ve always paid my credit cards to zero, so my only debt is my mortgage and a little left over of my school loans. If I can’t pay cash for something, I can’t buy it – that has kept me out of trouble and I feel fine when times get tough. I automatically save a few hundred from my paycheck every month and if I need some extra spending money, instead of dipping into savings, I try to babysit or sell something on ebay, or try to get other easy part time work.

  3. Big Bully said :

    I vacation four times a year instead of five.

  4. vannili said :

    I gave up shopping, parties , gift is a bit expensive , 40 bucks is the cheapest ,my main focus is mortgage,utility bills,and food,I cut down on gas by not going anywhere if it is not important.

  5. My3kin said :

    The economy here in Maine is doing ooookay for now, but I hear the prices of Lobsters (which is a big thing here in this state) are headed to a price that is so low that it will put many almost all fisherman out of business, and if they go under so do all those other small business’s here, leaving our town empty like a ghost town. Hopefully these rumors arnt true but with the way things are looking else where I fear the worse.

  6. Mark K said :

    I would first ask why you say the economy is poor? It has slowed but that is normal as we have a cyclical economy. If you believed the economy would grow at a high rate forever you were living in fantasyland. unemployment is still around 5% which is low if you compare it to the 1970’s under Jimmy Carter. If you are not old enough to remember stagflation ask someone that is. I am currently in the market for a house and am seeing wonderful deals from people that bought more than they could afford and are now having a reality check. I have tried to always have savings so if something happens I am not piling up debt, have only one credit card and no car payment.

  7. cbmttek said :

    This economy has not affected me in the least.

    Of course, I came into this economic downturn (recession) well situated to ride it out.

    I did that by consistently spending less then I earn, not buying more house then we could afford to pay for on one salary, keeping my car instead of buying new (it’s 13 years old now), and on and on.

    You seem to be on the right track. Cut down on expenses, put a few more $$$ away every month, and ride it out.

    Best of luck.


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