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How can i learn how to play guitar solos better?

i have trouble learn guitar solos on my guitar. i have been playing for 3 years but i still have trouble.

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4 Responses to “How can i learn how to play guitar solos better?”

  1. Chris O said:

    i have been playing for ten years…. its all about how much you know about your guitar. the way it souds, the techniques you can make… but most importantly…. where the notes are located. If you don’t, then how do you expect to get a certain note? By playing along the fretboard until you get to the right note???

  2. Mick said:

    Here’s the trick. Don’t look at the strings. You eyes have nothing to do with music. It all ears. Listen all the time for un necessary sounds and mute them. Play clean. Don’t look at the strings. Don’t look at the strings.
    If you’ve been playing for 3 years you don’t need to look at the strings What for? It just messes you up. Play with your ear. Don’t look at the strings. Did I say Don’t look at the strings? Then don’t look at the strings.
    That’s the trick.Savvy?

  3. loveface said:

    Are you alternate picking? This is a major flaw of many inexperienced guitar players. You can play twice as fast with alternate picking. Are you holding your pick at an angle? This helps the pick to glide on the picked string easier so you play faster. Weather you make the angle toward the fretboard or toward the bridge is not important.

    Here’s a few things you need to look up on youtube or Google:
    Sweep/economy picking, pinch and natural harmonics, tapping, arpeggios, major minor diminished whole tone pentatonic and diatonic scales. Focus on major and minor but don’t neglect the others.

  4. Jack said:

    To master guitar solos, you MUST learn the scales!!

    Once you do this, you will know where all notes are, which will make it much easier to learn solos.

    You will even be able to improvise solos to songs.

    Hope this helps!


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