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What’s a better way to learn how to play guitar?

Going by the book, learning chords and etc


Finding simple songs and learning to play them picking up techniques as you go along.

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4 Responses to “What’s a better way to learn how to play guitar?”

  1. ForrestT said:

    It depends on if you want to play your own music or learn music by other artists. If you want to play your own music right away, go by the book and learn guitar theory. If you want to play other artist’s music (and maybe come up with your own later on), then do it the second way.

  2. Matt B said:

    going by the book

  3. Michigan Fan said:

    1. Learn basic chords and train your fingers to make the correct positions necessary to play them cleanly. Chords I always suggest learning first are in no particular order: A, Am, C, D, E, Em, and G. If you learn these chords, you’ll be amazed at how many songs you can play.

    2. Next, master the art of transitioning between each chord. The easiest way I found is by finding songs that contain these chords and play the song over and over until you’re able to play it at the proper speed.

    3. After you’ve gotten to this point, then you can try tackling barre chords. These will be very difficult at first, but you’ll need them to play at higher levels.

    If you follow this, I’m confident you’ll be able to play within 5 or 6 months. This is how I learned, and I just had myself as a teacher. Plus I used youtube videos for some stuff. Good luck, cheers.

  4. gtarczar said:

    to play simple songs you will need to learn chords. The first thing I start my students off with is the basic open chords and some simple songs that can be played with them. So both of your answers are correct. By learning chords and applying them to songs you get a better understanding of how chords function in music and how they are used in many different songs. Get a good chord chart and some basic song books and learn as many chords and songs as you can. You will find that many different songs use the same chords and you will be able to play them easier as you gain more knowledge.
    The best, fastest, easiest way to learn guitar is with a good qualified local teacher who can take you through these steps in a well laid out manner


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