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How to learn guitar and which one is the best?

I really wanna learn how to play the guitar, but I dont have the money for lessons so what is the best way to learn by myself?????
And what is the best guitar to start with electric or acoustic?
I already know how to play the piano

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4 Responses to “How to learn guitar and which one is the best?”

  1. Anonymous said :

    It is actually easier to learn to play the guitar once you can play the piano, so I suggest learning to play the piano first. Buy a cheap keyboard, and use the wonderful internet to help you learn. Maybe by the time you can play the piano decently you’ll find yourself in a better situation financially to pay for guitar lessons or you could teach yourself to play the guitar. Good luck!!!

  2. George Harrison said :

    the best way to learn is to just look up how to play songs and then when you don’t know a chord or something you can just google how to play that chord. plus, I think it’s way more fun than lessons

    here is a great guitar, bass, and drum tab website (search how to read guitar tabs first)

    and also definally electric because they’re easier to play, you can play acoustic songs on electric guitars, and face it, they look way cooler

    don’t forget to rate the best answer!

  3. hexv said :

    PluckandPlayGuitar has free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing.

    It takes you step by step through the basic guitar chords one by one. There’s also lessons on guitar scales, techniques and some easy songs to play.

  4. Lester G said :

    >>And what is the best guitar to start with electric or acoustic?<< You can learn equally well on either one. Consider the music you want to be able to play and then choose the guitar that best for that music. An electric will cost you a little more since you will also need a small practice amp and cable. There are a variety of books, DVDs, and web sites but none of them compares to getting lessons. If you want to be successful, see if you can scrape up the money for lessons. Good luck.


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