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What is the easiest way to learn guitar without spending money for lessons?

I really, really, really, want to learn how to play guitar and read notes too!
What is the best way to do that?

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11 Responses to “What is the easiest way to learn guitar without spending money for lessons?”

  1. Le Bouchon said :

    get a good guitar and try to play by ear

  2. ~lllllllSreytsllll~ said :

    you could use youtube videos there are alot of lessons on almost any song there, other than that just learn the chords and from there you will be able to teach yourself a pretty good amount.

  3. SaintedFlip said :

    I am just like you, I wanted to learn to play guitar without a teacher and I think I did okay without one. I used YouTube a bit, some tabs, but in the end, you need someone to teach you something about theory, reading notes, and even some tips. Get some friends who know how to play guitar you help you out or even ask if they know other people who are good at guitar because it is the best to learn from other people.

    Also, there is no EASY way to learn guitar because it is very time consuming but very rewarding in the long run! Just keep practicing and don’t give up! I gave up at one point and when I came back to it a few months after, I got the thrill back and didn’t even remember why I quit. Make weekly goal for yourself to see if you have any improvement, and don’t rush. Good luck!

  4. oh my martini said :

    im learning right now from youtube lessons
    and from googling it.
    a good site that tsught me alot is:

    and this one

    hope i helped! 🙂

  5. Lynch said :

    i taught myself guitar just using sites like and really as long as you try its not that hard to learn

  6. yummy:) said :

    I would start by learning the note names, and where they are. You can do this for free online. Then learn where these notes are on the guitar. I would invest in a guitar self teaching book, they can cost like $10 at the most, and are totally worth the money. Learn the notes first, then some easy songs, then learn chords, some “chord songs”, then power chords, “power chord songs” and then combine all of the techniques. It will take some time, but totally worth it.:))

  7. hexv said :

    PluckandPlayGuitar has free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing.

    It takes you step by step through the basic guitar chords one by one. There’s also lessons on guitar scales, techniques and some easy songs to play.

  8. Victoria said :

    Get a very basic book about playing guitar. Make sure it is a beginner’s book. I like the primer by Troy Stetina. A beginning book will teach you how to tune your guitar properly, list the names of the parts on the guitar, including each string. It will show you how to correctly press down on the strings, which is called “fretting” and it will give you some exercises to help your fingers become strong and flexible. It will introduce you to tabulature (TAB for short), which is how guitar music is written on a paper. It will also explain what music written in staff notation looks like and basic things you should know such as the C-Major scale. It will explain the Circle of 5ths and why that’s important. It will NOT have detailed explanations about CAGED theory, modal theory, or lead patterns. Most beginning book introduce the pentatonic scale.

    I like the primer by Troy because even though the musical examples are metal riffs, it works for ALL beginners. Troy starts at the very beginning and he explains things in a way that’s fun and easy to understand.

    It takes about 3 months to work through a beginner’s book if you practice one hour a day twice a day. Have someone who plays guitar show you how to stretch your hands, wrists, and fingers. This is called “waming up” and you should do it every time before you pick up your guitar.

    Some books will teach you the chromatic scale and have you start at the first fret and work all the way up the neck. That’s backwards! You should always start at the top of the neck (fret 21 or 24, depending on how many frets your guitar has) and work all the way down to the first fret. The reason is because the higher frets at the top of the neck are closer together than at the other end, so your fingers don’t have to stretch so much. By the time you work your way down to the lower frets, your fingers will be ready to stretch more.

    After you complete the beginning book, then you will be ready to check out some of the Internet sites, such as and the guitar sites other people have suggested as answers to your question.

    The reason I strongly recommend a book is because the information is all in one place and it’s shown to you in the order you should learn it. If you just rely on the Internet, you will get a sampling of information by many different people, which is not good when you’re just starting out because some things won’t be covered and too many explanations can get confusing. So pick out one book If you play accoustic or classical guitar, get a book for accoustic guitar. If you play electric guitar, get a book for electric guitar. Troy’s book is for electric, but he also has one for accoustic guitar.

  9. Max J said :

    The easiest way to learn guitar is to follow an online guitar course.One such course is Jamorama. It is a step by step guide which teaches from the very beginning ( including reading notes). It’s not just reading material because it contains Video lessons , Jamtracks ect. It also includes other stuff like ebooks , guitar tuning software , Metronomes , ear training games and note reading games.

    And it costs only a small one time payment.
    Its not much hard to learn by your own if you are dedicated to it.

    you can go to Jamorama by this link –

    Hope my answers helps. Good luck in learning guitar. 🙂

  10. Danny Harris said :

    Use youtube, and:
    The aarons guitar site is fantastic

  11. Ana said :

    When I first started out guitar I was like that. I used the Internet to help me learn. I learned the chords all through the Internet. I watched videos on YouTube that helped me get started. I also searched tabs online and started playing songs with those. Tabs are simple it shows what string to play and on what fret you play on that string. You have to learn the basics of guitar first and there are many sites that teach you that and there are also online lessons. Then you can learn more complicated stuff. I ended up getting lessons after two years of playing by learning from the Internet and I have gotten so much better.


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