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What guitar should i use to learn how to play?

I want to learn to play guitar, im 6’2″ 180 if that matters and i have wide finger tips. also i dont have a lot of money so if theres some place i could get the right kind just to learn with inexpensively

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6 Responses to “What guitar should i use to learn how to play?”

  1. dngrushmrmd said :


  2. Grant M said :

    well you don’t want a really cheap one. i got a 100 dollar acoustic on ebay (including $50 S&H) and regret it. i still have it if you wanna buy it ;-). later i got a 300 dollar Alvarez acoustic and loved it. it was much easier to learn on.

    the action, or the space between the strings and the fret board, on an electric guitar is usually the lowest making it easier to get all the strings down when learning chords, but if you learn on an electric it might make it harder to learn acoustic later on because of the difference in the action

  3. J A said :

    how about bass(?)
    being a big guy, the wide fingers and all (all perfect for bass)…..
    the longer scale length of the neck (guitar 24″ bass 34″) and wider string spacing would suit you better

    here is an awesome bass player in a (friendly) competition with a lead guitarist. Victor Wooten–bass

    –personally I switched from guitar — I found I really loved playing the bass =) and if you want to play in bands, most are looking for bass players and drummers, as there aren’t as many of us
    here is another video (bass training) that shows up more about the bigger size and a little more about bass overall

  4. shawn w said :

    Definitely go with an acoustic first. It gives you a better feel for how notes and chords actually sound (as opposed to going straight to electric and using an amp). I took the ass backwards approach 10 years ago and started with electric. Ibanez makes a great bang for the buck acoustic-electric, so you can get a taste of both worlds:

    If you want to start out with JUST acoustic, this is a decent pick:

    If you want to go straight to electric, go with this guitar:

    Paired with this amp. Very versatile, and reliable. Not for gigging, or practicing with a band for that matter. It will give you an awesome array of sounds for personal use though.

    Also, the biggest advice I could ever give you, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Go to the store and actually sit down for a couple hours and try out some guitars and amps. Don’t let anyone sell you on anything, allow them to make recommendations, but don’t immediately say “Yes!” because they make something sound pretty. It’s all about what feels good to you. Hope this info helps.

  5. alex said :

    I have no suggestions on specific guitars, or acoustic vrs electric, but, according to you description your a big guy. Get something that has whats called jumbo frets or extra jumbo frets. Pretty much what that is is where your putting your fingers for the different notes (the frets) are bigger. It should give you more room to get your fingers in there for chords and things.

  6. Michal F said :

    Easy answer, get a classical. I’ve been there, so I know they can be boring to play, but listen to these reasons:

    -They have a wide fretboard so your wide fingertips shouldn’t hinder your playing so badly

    -They are relatively cheap. Now that doesn’t mean they suck, they just don’t have all the fancy stuff an electric or acoustic can have so the price just isn’t that high.

    -You can still play some really neat songs on it if you are good

    That’s all I can think of right ow but you can also buy yourself an acoustic if you like, they can sound really cool too just watch for the price. I recommend going to and checking some guitars out for yourself and reading the reviews.

    Happy guitar shopping!


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