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how to learn guitar for screamo heavy metal type music?

I have a ESP f-100 series. I am not that good at the guitar. I dont take lessons and cant. But i want to learn and become good at the guitar for free. I wont to learn screamo and heavy metal type stuff. And dont just say “read tabs,” because for some reason, all screamo havy metal songs are very hard on the guitar. And im really not that good at the guitar.

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2 Responses to “how to learn guitar for screamo heavy metal type music?”

  1. IchLiebePugs said :

    Check out some videos on youtube. There are a lot of instructionals. And if you happen to have cable tv, there are also guitar tutorials “on demand”.

  2. mood3 said :

    Another thing that can get you started is learning the “Power Chords” and then adding on some pentatonic scales. Just learning 2 positions of the P scale will allow you to improvise lead guitar solos without making any mistakes. When you can do that, then it is much easier to pick up someone elses riffs cause you have a feel for it.


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