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What is the best/quickest way to learn guitar?

Ive had my guitar for a really long time,I dont have any understanding of music other than I love it. I want to pick it up, but feel overwhelmed of where to start?

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4 Responses to “What is the best/quickest way to learn guitar?”

  1. mom of a boy and girl said :

    Look in the phone book for the nearest music company near you that sellls instruments or repairs them….They usually teach music as well……good luck

  2. LIL ERIK said :

    i have the same problem

  3. americanschooler said :

    learn to read guitar tabs and visit

    if you learn to read tabs and practice the songs you want to learn, you can learn anything. might help you.

    also, try to learn easy songs first.
    Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s is a good song to start with.
    I started teaching myself a few months ago and its going pretty good so far

  4. NJGit said :

    That’s a hard question because people learn things differently. If you have any musical ability then you may be able to teach yourself fairly easily.

    Practicing will have a lot to do with how fast you learn. The more you practice and the more focused you are when you practice then the quicker you will learn. The learning curve is kind of steep at first so you have to be very disciplined to learn fast.

    Some people learn better with an instructor. Look in the paper or on Craigslist or got to a music store to find a guitar teacher. Better yet ask people who play if they have a teacher or if they can recommend a good one.

    There are plenty of resources to teach yourself. The more disciplined you are the better you will do with teaching yourself.

    Guitar for Dummies is a great book for teaching yourself. I used it and some friends have used it. It starts off by teaching you chord shapes and shows you how to read tab.

    Once I learned a few chords I searched the net for tab for some songs I knew and found some that had chords that I knew how to play. I just practiced the songs until I learned them. Chordie is a good place for tab. is a good web site with all kinds of guitar lessons and articles.

    The guitar page on is great too

    There are free lessons on youtube also.

    Here are some online lesson sites:…..

    Whatever you do make sure that you practice every day and don’t get discouraged if it hurts or is hard at first. Everyone goes through that.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!!


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