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How come most girls dont want to learn to play guitar?

I do. Does that mean I’m weird?

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9 Responses to “How come most girls dont want to learn to play guitar?”

  1. coolness said :

    You do watchu do
    How does that make you weird?

  2. Rockaholic said :

    It doesn’t make you weird. I think most girls don’t play guitar because playing guitar is gender stereotyped as a male activity. Plenty of successful musicians have been girls who play guitar,for example both Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart. Playing guitar makes a person unique but it makes you even more unique being that you are a girl, so keep on picking 🙂

  3. Jewsiah said :

    Well it’s a guy thing and sometimes girls like to do guy things it’s not weird
    actaully most guys would think you’re cool if you play guitar
    playing guitar is not a weird thing so
    I don’t see why there’s anything wrong with liking to play it

  4. brenna.moore said :

    not at all! i’m a girl and i’ve always wanted to play. nothing wrong with it at all.

  5. tony said :

    i see to it that most girls don’t like to play because it is to hard. but, it is also a stereotyped things that only males like to play guitar and drums and…not so much with singing. but honestly, i don’t think its weird at all that you like playing guitar….sometimes it can be very attracting!

  6. Soul Boogers said :

    Not at all, tons of girls play guitar where i’m from.

  7. Hicktown girl66 said :

    I play the guitar, and I love it. I’m also sort of a tomboy, so it just goes along with whatever else I like to do, like play baseball or throw a football.

    But, the guitar is a very versatile instrument, and you can take it anywhere.

  8. Luigi Fontaine said :

    not at all. a lot of girls and boys want to learn the guitar. but there are fewer girls who actually do. that’s ok, it makes it a little easier to distinguish yourself at it. if you want to play, you definitely should!

  9. Elly said :

    no, it makes you AWESOME!!!!!!! i’m 21, female, and guitar playing. i don’t do it very well, lol, but i sing and play and songwrite, you should form a band…i’m forming a girl band…i know 2 girls that play guitar and are trying to start/be in a band (and at least 1 is considering mine! ^__^).


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