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How to train dog to come when called?

He is already full-grown so is this possible? My other dogs come when called only becuase I have had them since they were pups.

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5 Responses to “How to train dog to come when called?”

  1. Glenn said :

    You will likely need to use treats. Really praise him when he comes and use his name when you play with him and when you feed him. Of course, if you renamed him, he may not associate that name with him. That’s the first step. It’s not recommended to change the name if you adopt an older dog for that reason.

  2. walking lady said :

    Yes, you can teach recall to an adult dog. You start with him on a leash because this is the one command you can NEVER allow a dog to disobey. You always need to be able to get him to you.

    So, start with him on a leash in a sit say the length of a 6 foot leash in front of you. Call him (only once). If he comes, lots and lots of praise. If he doesn’t, give a gentle tug to get him started and lots of praise when he gets to you.

    When he’s reliable, you can work with him on leash outside. When he’s reliable with that, you progress to putting him on a light-line (long, very light-weight line). The object is for him to think he’s free, but you really still have control.

    Recall training is an on-going process and something you need to keep up working on. Never call the dog to you if you’re going to reprimand him for anything – coming to you has to be a great experience every time. And never call more than once. Lots and lots of praise when he gets to you.

  3. Cherokee Wind said :

    It is very possible to train adult dogs. It really isn’t that much harder than training a puppy, the same steps are used.

    First put the dog on a leash and have your dog sit in front of you. Walk a few steps backwards and say “Come” and the dog should follow as you walk backwards. Give him a treat and praise him. After he consistently does this, increase the distance ( I recommend getting a 20 ft. leash, especially if you don’t have a fenced yard). After he comes to you, give him the treat.

    Another method you can use if you have someone to help you. Have that person hold your dog on a leash and then you walk a few steps backwards. Ask your dog to “Come”. It helps to have a treat out so that they can see it. Once he comes to you, give him the treat and praise him. Again, once he masters a certain distance, continue to increase the distance until he will continually “Come” to you.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Elaine M said :

    Collar and leash and outdoor/indoor training with this.

    Basic dog training. Your library will have books on it.

  5. Jay said :

    Well you could threaten to send him to art lovers art if he does not come when you call him LOL or take Glenn’s
    advice. Which is very good advice.And my choice.


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