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If i breed & train dogs for violence and then my dog kills a child?

Am I in any way responsible?

The dog had free will to do what it would. It was acting according to its nature. I didn’t tell it to attack the child when i let it loose in the yard with the children.

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5 Responses to “If i breed & train dogs for violence and then my dog kills a child?”

  1. Margaux said :

    A woman in Kansas was convicted of second degree murder for just that actually when her rot mauled an 11 yr old boy to death

    check it out:

    Even though you didn’t kill the children yourself, you knowingly created a risk of death. this is usually 2nd degree murder or manslaughter.

  2. AdoreHim said :

    You cannot tell me you are serious, can you? Of course you are responsible. You trained the dog to kill, it was not in him in the first place. If a child would be attacked and even possibly die from the attack, that happened by my dog, even if I did not train it for violence, I would feel horrible, and I am not sure I would ever get over it. You let your dog loose in a yard with a child, of course you’re responsible, What is wrong with you?

  3. Doubtful Morality said :

    he will go to doggie hell

  4. Tired Atheist said :

    No crap. Yeah but you trained the dog for voilence. And that;s not according to nature,but if it was a wild dog and killed or injuired a person, now that;s a whole different story

  5. mindworms said :

    you are responsible for your pack subordinates.


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