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I am alone this christmas and cooking for myself, so?

i was wondering , who is cooking your dinner.

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8 Responses to “I am alone this christmas and cooking for myself, so?”

  1. Mitch said :

    my dad’s in the kitchen right now:)

  2. pemberton561 said :

    Welcome to my world.

  3. meme said :

    im 16, my mum is cooking it, but i always help her, and talk to her while she does it.

  4. FaerieWhings said :

    Me. I’m cooking.

  5. j said :

    Mom… I usually help but this year for Christmas I have the flu so she doesn’t want me to touch the food and get everyone else sick :(… guess i can’t blame her though.

  6. Smoky said :

    My Father and I. First year in a while for me not having a girlfriend.

  7. fiestyredhead said :

    I’m cooking dinner tomorrow for me, my hubby and son. It’ll be just the three of us tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to my sister’s house.

  8. Sugar said :

    I am in the kitchen too. It’s okay.


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