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What are cooking for breakfast this Christmas ?

I might bake some biscuits and fry some eggs and bacon. What are you having for breakfast Christmas Day ?

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28 Responses to “What are cooking for breakfast this Christmas ?”

  1. QueenKDub said:

    Tamales and tacos dorados!!!!

  2. maxmom said:

    We always have the same thing. Eggs and sausage rolls.

  3. ally said:

    cinnamon rolls are a tradition at our house!

  4. kandmsnapshots said:

    my boyfriends family has an oyster (seafood) breakfast, my family just has a big traditional breakfast.

  5. phillip b said:

    champers and toast

  6. texas nanna said:

    pancakes ,bacon, eggs,

  7. charlie said:

    well i am just going around giving out opinions on all these subjects so probably biscuits and gravy with some coffee and then some orange Juice!

  8. Sione™ said:

    I’m gonna fry up some New Zealand bacon, make some crepes, hopefully someone will make biscuits too, and I def want country gravy! I love that stuff on everything and anything (and I mean anything!)! Then, we’ll probably have some fried up tomatoes and onions, probably some sausage and eggs.

  9. Cindy W said:

    well , if i can talk mom into it… Egg Bake. that woman can make the worlds best egg bake. i love her.

  10. Visit !!! said:
  11. shermdizzly_72 said:

    pancakes and waffles with sausage and bacon, maybe some muffins too

  12. Ultimate Guitar Hero! said:

    It will be the first Christmas in our new house and My boyfriend and I will be alone together. We will probably make some bacon, eggs, toast and OJ!

  13. pink ladie said:

    eggs with cheese, bacon, toast,oj, coffee

  14. Old Man said:

    I will likely have what I always have: Vienna sausages, a can of ravioli some bug juice to drink and if they have any bread at the soup kitchen– some of that too! Yum!

  15. Sophie Tucker said:

    Tamales here too! Yum!

  16. tkin1507 said:

    pancakes, eggs, toast, hash browns, orange juice, bacon, sausage, and most importantly…the cinnamon roles!!

  17. ...J... said:

    Yum! I love breakfast on Christmas morning!

    I am making a Farmer’s Cassarole with biscuits…

  18. Tina T said:

    Biscuits and gravy….yummy!!!!

  19. Hello said:

    My mother in law is going to do the cooking. Last year she made a queish that was very good.

    I love biscusts too.

  20. aaah h said:


  21. 2D said:

    We usually don’t have breakfast because we have so much for lunch. 2D

  22. sunshine man said:

    Fininhady and biscuits.

  23. Julia Marie (due 11/30/07) said:

    I think we will make eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, biscuits, toast, coffee and orange juice.

    The baby will jus be having milk 🙂

  24. Aussiemum said:

    Croissants are a tradition for Christmas brekky at our place!

  25. ☆StarGirl☆ said:

    Well, we’re going to be in Hawaii this Christmas. So I guess we’ll go out for breakfast or something.
    But last year, we had scones, coffee cake with apples and nuts, and stollen. It was good. I’m going to miss Christmas at home this year 🙁

  26. kkkxxx said:

    bacon, eggs (for breakfast), turkey and chicken for lunch

  27. Deb W said:

    My extended family has Christmas brunch. We all bring something. There is always some kind of egg casserole, bacon, sausage, muffins, fruit, cookies, coffee, milk, and punch.

  28. LS158 said:

    I put the mini cereal boxes in my kids stockings. (It’s a real treat, cause I don’t buy sugar cereal during the year) So they eat cereal and my husband an I usually eat leftovers from Christmas Eve, spinach Quiche.


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