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If I give up smoking now at 23 will I still look older then my age when im 40 or so?

Iv been smoking for about 5 years but I dont want to get wrinkles early is 5 years, has 5 years of smoking going to still mean I look older then my age in years to come? Has it badly damaged my skin already? Smoking a pack a day 🙁

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4 Responses to “If I give up smoking now at 23 will I still look older then my age when im 40 or so?”

  1. mrs_rosene said :

    Well you`ll look younger at 40 if you quit now than if you don`t quit at all…..
    There`s no way of predicting the future, but of course chances are you`ll be preventing any future damage, right?

  2. amy02 said :

    I am unsure of what irreversible damage you may have done to your tissues already. I am certain, however, that you will be much better off at age 40 or so if you give up smoking now.

    (editing now): mrs_rosene was 8 seconds ahead of me. In Safety Education, we learned that smoking can cause lung disease, and I think they threw in heart disease too. It can also cause a circulatory problem called peripheral arterial disease, which means that the arteries in your extremities just collapse and quit working, and part of your arm or leg turns purpley-blue and cold. If enough of your other systems are failing, that can be the point at which doctors give up altogether and disconnect any machinery to which you may be connected at that point. In all fairness, this probably won’t happen at 40–more like 60 or 70.

  3. alice a said :

    I would concentrate on giving up smoking for now, look at the benefits when you feel really motivated. But I can tell you that after you stop smoking for three weeks, your lungs are fully repaired. As for your skin, it will definately look better if you stop smoking now. Your skin may age a little bit now, but it won’t be too obvious.

  4. Josh said :

    Much of the damage is cumulative, but it’s pretty minor so if you stop now I doubt you’ll have any significant ill effects at 40.


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