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i wanna learn to play guitar by ear and be able to play whatever pops up into my head?

but i dont know what to pratice to get to that point.

ive been praticing learning songs by ear but its not heling that much.

should i learn music theory? or just pratice whatever pops into my head?
i really dont know what to pratice to get to the next step right now.

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5 Responses to “i wanna learn to play guitar by ear and be able to play whatever pops up into my head?”

  1. Cookie Cutter said:

    Sorry but the ability to ‘play by ear’ is a born-given gift that can NOT be learned or mimmicked. You can either do it or you can’t. Lots of practice may help to a point; but only to a point. Players who play by ear were born with that true artist’s ability. 🙂

  2. Blobfish said:

    Learn pentatonic and heptatonic scales. Most western music will fit into these scales. Learn the pattern on the neck, then figure where on the neck it fits for the song (find the key). Just play within these notes until you feel comfortable.

  3. John said:

    I guess playing by ear is the only talent i have but just learn the basics trust me

  4. kmbsweetie said:

    You can’t learn to play by ear. It’s a natural gift. What I can think of is to learn exactly how all the chords sound, so you can pick them out if you’re listening to a song. But it’s all about how your brain processes and memorizes.
    I play by ear and what I do is hear the chords and notes played and just know what to do when i play the guitar.

  5. absent_mndd_viper10 said:

    i have friends who took about three years of constant practice to play by ear or to make their own music…
    i think that should be it…but obviously it depends on individual ability…u may be able to get it in a year itself…the key is to get the basics right and keep practising….


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