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How to learn to play guitar fast and easily?

My mon gave me a guitar and those guys look so handsome when playing guitart:P
So I wanna start to learn. But how can I start?
Any advice on some good software or book (idiot proof) to teach me how to play?

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6 Responses to “How to learn to play guitar fast and easily?”

  1. Dreven said:

    go to and type in how to learn smoke on the water it is the easiest song on guitar thats how i got my start at playing the guitar and now im a expert cuz i can play AC/DC songs on it(:

  2. mscherpenberg said:

    I have played guitar and bass for many years. Let me tell you that short cut learn to play quick gimmcks do not work. The trick isn’t to practice 9 hours a day. What you want to do is practice maybe 15 minutes a day and practice slowly and correctly. Any exercises, scales or songs you learn should be practiced very slowly so you are doing them right. Playing stuff sloppy and fast and BSing your way through changes is only handicapping you. If possible, get a good teacher. Check the local paper, and local music stores. Even if you can’t afford to do lessons long term, having a qualified teacher in the beginning will get you off to a good start. You don’t want to learn basic techniques incorrectly in the beginning as unlearning mistakes is very difficult. There are a lot of great tutorial videos on Youtube. Learn to play guitar videos, especially from celebrities often do not really have much substance and in my experience are a waste of time. Try getting a book that includes a CD so you can hear how examples are supposed to sound. I have never used the Guitar Playing for Dummies but I can tell you the bass version is awesome. I recommend that one as a starting point.

  3. jef said:

    Good for you. I wrote a little different take on learning to play that I found lacking out there after a few years of playing. These are some rules of thumb on learning to play guitar or any instrument that really helped me. Wish someone would have told me about them so I didn’t have to take years to learn them by myself.

    Also, I would recommend writing songs early if you want to. Once you learn a few open chords, just dive right in. There is some information on the site linked below about that too.

    And, if you can, play a few minutes everyday.

    Also, the PC makes good musician studio. Record yourself and listen back. Audacity from is a free software for that.

    Get a tuner and while you should try tuning by ear every time, use the tuner to make sure you are in tune.



  4. hexv said:

    PluckandPlayGuitar has free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing.

    It takes you step by step through the basic guitar chords one by one. There’s also lesson on guitar scales, techniques and some easy songs to play.

  5. danimus said:

    I think this website may help you. Originally this course was manufactured on DVD and VHS tape. Including all of the guitarists, lessons, and resources, it took 10 VHS tapes or four DVDs for just the introductory lesson! I am happy to announce that now for the first time guitar superstars is available for instant download right here at

  6. Ao said:

    If u wanna learn how to play guitar, u must have a strong will and persistance first!
    Second, it’s much better for u to have a teacher guiding u. Of course, it consumes
    money and time. But u can get an ebook with video lessons. Among those tutorials,
    jamorama course has a serial of lessons ranging from beginner, mid-level, high-level,
    rock, blue etc. It will show u how to play guitar by pictures and videos. If u keep
    learning from jamorama, playing guitar will not be ur dream any more:)


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