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I want to learn how to play guitar. Will i be able to?

Hi. I am musicaly talented but never played an istrument. i have a great ear, and im also amazing at guitar hero and have fast movement and i know some stuff about guitar. Am i capable to learn guitar? i dont really want to learn like certain things i want to learn just some songs. Will i be able to? i have some arm streighth and i think i can but idk. Thank You!

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9 Responses to “I want to learn how to play guitar. Will i be able to?”

  1. Kevin said:

    just find a really good tutor and hope you make it big

  2. dngrzdmn said:

    I hope you don’t make it big — every famous guitarist died at an early age. The number “27” comes up a lot.

  3. jazzyjklo said:

    If you have the desire, then all you need is persistence. Learning guitar is hard on the fingers. I wimped out after half a dozen lessons. My fingers hurt soooo bad!

  4. Yamaha_Rider said:

    Yeah for sure, anyone who wants to play guitar and get good can do it. I’ve been playing guitar for a year and I’ve gotten really good. I practice everyday for about an hour and look up video lessons on youtube to learn techniques and songs. It just takes alot of practice, but keep at it and i’m sure you’ll see alot of improvements in your playing.

    Good Luck !

  5. Rory M said:

    “im also amazing at guitar hero”…..oh brother.

  6. Anatanotamenokonoinochi said:

    with practice .. everyone is able to play….

    btw.. how do you know that you are musical talented..if you have never played an instrument before??… and .. wow … good at guitar hero… games are nothing compared to play a real instrument

  7. ? said:

    Sure you will be able to. But as for guitar hero… I have played guitar for years and guitar hero is nothing like guitar. I was really bad ha ha. Anyway it might help. It’s not all about fast movement, it’s good, even, in time movement. It should take you 6 months to learn some songs well. All you really have to do is learn open chords and then you know millions of songs. Get some lessons, a guitar and practise lots and no probs 🙂

  8. Alex said:

    First tip-You HAVE to commit to playing. I teach guitar and the thing that always happens, is someone wants to play guitar and expects to improve really quickly but it just doesn’t happen like that. You have to tell yourself that you are going to play this instrument everyday and work to improve any way that you can. It’s a huge undertaking to be a good player so don’t underestimate it. I have seen plenty of people that come to my lessons and promise to practice and end up playing video games instead or watching t.v. to the point that the only time they play is during their lesson. You have to really want it bad.

    Second- Guitar Hero will NOT help you for a while. The only thing that comes from it, is the finger dexterity and a little rythm. Some of the first things you will do as a beginner is play chords, and guitar hero will not help you there. The only advantage is that, when I teach, I encourage my students to play a little guitar hero, if they want to, before the lesson as a little warm-up. It will help a little when you start on scales, but you’re far from that. The best thing Guitar Hero ever did for me, was that it was the spark that triggered my desire to teach myself how to play guitar.

    Also, arm strength will not help you. When you start speed picking, you will rely on your wrist and fingers to speed pick, and your arm should stay almost still.

  9. Kavinder said:

    Mark, your daughter is a lucky litlte girl! My father taught me my first guitar chords when I was 10. Music is a great way to connect with kids I play with/for my 3-year-old niece every time I get the chance.Keep me posted on how it’s going welcome to the guitar!Best wishes, Lisa


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