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How can I learn to play acoustic guitar in a professional way?

I’m learning how to play acoustic guitar on youtube now. But my mom said if I wanna learn how to play guitar, I have to find some tutorial that teaches me step by step in series. What do u think? Where to find serial lessons?

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14 Responses to “How can I learn to play acoustic guitar in a professional way?”

  1. S said :

    ULTIMATE GUITAR CHORDS website is prettty good
    help me please

    PLEASSEeee answer mine now??;_ylt=AmgBfPEF7M5Ld7y6qNIhQtnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100102222438AABeGHy

  2. ceritis said :

    This site have some basic guitar lessons

    They also have a list of the most popular online guitar courses

  3. Lester G said :

    If you’re serious about learning to be a professional the only way to go is to get lessons from a professional guitar teacher. There is no substitute for that. Good luck.

  4. Daniel C said :

    There are lots of ways to learn and, yes, something complex like playing guitar should be taught in stages. Keep in mind, however, that Jimi Hendrix never took a single lesson; he was completely self-taught.

  5. Guitarpicker said :

    However you decide to learn how to play, whether it is by professional lessons, tips from other guitarists, or Internet sites, you must make the guitar an extension of your mental process. To do that it will require hours upon hours of steady practice and research into music theory with a strong goal to improve a little each day.

    The process of mind and guitar must come simultaneously, but only by good habits of steady practice and keeping the incentive to build upon expertise gradually. You won’t become as a professional until you are totally relaxed with the guitar as you are with your arms or legs. And that will not come for several years, at a minimum.

    To play as a professional you must build upon experiences or events in playing before others–from small groups to large auditoriums with the same ease as if you were playing in the solitude of your living room. This takes time, perseverance, and practice. Have you noticed how often I mentioned the word practice? That should instill in your mind the importance of it. You cannot grow your calluses and your expertise without practice.

    Your best option for now is to get lessons from a reputable and knowledgeable guitarist and teacher so you can get started with good practice habits.

  6. eine kleine nukedmusik said :

    DIY lessons are ok. Thousands learn that way. But of those thousands, the ones you have HEARD of and RESPECT their ability had formal lessons. For isntance, back in the day, when I put together all my ‘idols,’ I realized ALL of them had formal lessons from none other than Joe Satriani (another of my guitar idols!) Basically, ANY metal guitarist you heard of out of the Bay Area in the 80’s was a Satriani student! Compelling stuff.

    Yea, Jimi Hendrix never took lessons. Are you Jimi?
    Yea… me either.
    Keep in mind that Jimi did his own thing, and it took PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS to figure out what he was doing and follow him. Jimi could not work the other way until late in his career. You couldn’t say: “Hey Jimi… 12 bar blues in A!” And have him play it. HE would play what was in HIS head, and OTHER musicians would figure it out and follow. So as ground-breaking as he was, he still wasn’t a ‘professional level musician’ until LATER in his career!

    If you never want to leave your bedroom, you can get by on DIY lessons. If you want to be professional quality, you need professional lessons and devote full-time student time for several years. No other way, unless you are a phenom. But if you’re asking this, you (just like me and a miliion-million others) are no phenom. Get the formal lessons.

  7. gary s said :

    Go to a music store and sign up for lessons.A good teacher will help you over the rough spots.Just look in the yellow pages.

  8. PSAF said :

    Learn, learn, learn some more.

    Then, practice, practice and practice.

    You will then improve what you know and then, you need to practice some more.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing and if you have any aptitude, you will improve and then you can think of taking lessons.

  9. Size9 said :

    I agree with your Mom. I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years and if you want to be any good you will have to follow a curriculum. This way you will be able to play any music set in front of you. Plus, the new online guitar lessons are fun!

    Hope this helps?

  10. KAZI said :

    If you want to learn Acoustic then i will recommend

  11. ddrum said :

    To me an instructor is best, but expensive. After that a DVD like Rock House Method and the internet rates last in my book. There are some good sites and lessons for free online but beginners tend to need more structure and I think that is the point your mom is trying to make.

  12. Left-T ... said :

    Mommy is correct. You cannot BURN any bridges whether it is from holding the pick to have correct placement of your fingering hand.

    The first thing to remember, beginner or not, is to keep the palm of your hand parallel to the fingerboard at all times whether soloing or chording. The thumb has to be in the middle at the back of the neck and NOT over the fingerbaord like many players tend to do. When your hand is correctly placed as I stated, the finger stretch are easier especially for the pinky finger.

    Also, start playing your scales SLOWLY and with the least amount of mistake. It is better to walk perfectly than to run in a crooked line. It will pay off in the long run.

    Here is a good beginners site and will teach you step by step with visuals. How to hold your pick correctly, fingerboard, etc..

    Enjoy !!!

  13. ObamaBot THX-1138 said :

    Playing the guitar is all about *not* listening to your mom. That is why much of today’s music is so horrible.

  14. David said :

    There are lots of great websites and youtube videos for learning guitar. But u have to stay away from those videos, for they can not teach u from the beginning to the end. While some have value, a lot of those really don’t have much substance. If a guitar book with video lessons is supposed to be helpful for u, such as jamorama. It teachers learners according to their levels, offering pictures and videos and explaining very clearly. U can have a look at of it. Good luck!


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