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I want to give up smoking but how ?

I am really tired i want to give up but do not now how i tried patch / gum / relaxation and many nore so far without success please say something clever not routine recommendation please
i am now 40 and smoking about 15 cig. a day since last 20 years

thanks for good suggestion

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10 Responses to “I want to give up smoking but how ?”

  1. greengrass44444 said :

    take a chest x-ray andsee the damage done to your lungs that might scare you and make you stop

  2. @ll star27 said :

    watch scary video clips about the disastrous consquences of smoking…..chew gum……go through a progressive step by step process by reducing the number of cigarettes every week…..dont give up all at once……but start as early as u can…good luck!

  3. piiiowfort said :

    use subliminal recordings. look up on google: stop smoking subliminal self-help

  4. gangadharan_nair said :

    Stop smoking spontaneously. You may have discomfort for several weeks. Consult a physician for chest diseases for solving your problems.

  5. Jaded said :

    I am the same age as you and smoked for 25 years. I just quit in January with the Nicoderm patch, I used it only for 2 weeks and then just willpower since then. I changed all of my routines, I think that you have to because your same old routines will remind you of having a smoke. If you don’t want to hear about changing your routines then maybe your not ready to quit yet because that is one of the recommendations when your trying to quit. When your completely serious about quitting, then you will. I am still craving it and it’s been 3 months but I was 1000% serious about it and I haven’t cheated once. I can’t say anything “clever” about quitting because you either want to quit or you don’t, there is no easy way. Good luck to you.

  6. lynda_is said :

    I quit 28 years ago. Here’s how I did it. First I had to really make a decision to quit. That may sound simple but it’s not. Second, I had to get rid of everything that reminded me of smoking. I threw away the ash trays, lighters and cigarettes. I also decided not to let anyone smoke in my home. In order not to gain weight by eating everything in sight, I chewed a lot of gum. I also found things to do with my hands. Knitting or crocheting can keep your hands busy. I also re-evaluated my friendships, and formed new ones with people who did not smoke. I have not had a cigarette in 28 years. Once you quit, you can’t do it just a little bit, because you will go back to it. I hope this has helped you. Good luck.

  7. Lazy J said :

    Ok every time you think about lighting up think about me I am 70 years old I smoked from the time I was 16 untill I desided to just quit when I turned 55 I quit but not soon enough I had cancer of the larynx in 1998 caused from smoking I went through 35 radiation treatments cancer came back in 2000 I lost my voice became a laryngectomee and have to breath through a hole in my neck Now keep in mind I was a singer, guitar picker, and drummer in a very good country western band just goes to show you can’t quit too soon so just lay um down I’m glad I did at least I don’t have lung cancer REMEMBER ME Jimmy LaFrance Sr. Bertram, Texas

  8. Kathy Louise said :

    Talk to your doctor. There are new medicines on the market that block the nicotine receptors in your brain and it helps you stop smoking–it’s called Chantix.

    I used Wellbuterin and quit smoking for 3 years.

  9. ameribicgirl said :

    Everyone has had good ideas so far….but everyone is different, try them all till you find one that works. I am a current smoker and my doctor suggested quitting and I am trying. I find that swimming keeps me from smoking and helps me lose weight. Try going to the YMCA and joining some programs. You will be to busy to want to smoke….its working for me!! Good luck to ya!

  10. judy c said :

    pick a day when you can devote it just to yourself. buy a pack or 2 of your favorite cigarets and sit down and smoke both packs one after the other. when they are gone, you will be so sick, you won’t ever want to smoke another..i did this and it really worked. this works for over eating also, chose your favorite food and eat nothing but that for a really works


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