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I wish to give up smoking as i promissed my eldest daughter I would 11 years ago befor she was adopted,?

My daughter was adopted and the last thing she made me promise her was that I’d give up smoking so as she and I could meet up again when she was 16. I so far have attempted to do so about 6 times without success as I still smoke. She will be 16 in 14 months and I dearly want to do this for both her sake and my own, especially as I have bronchial asthma. Any ideas?

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6 Responses to “I wish to give up smoking as i promissed my eldest daughter I would 11 years ago befor she was adopted,?”

  1. SomeGuy said :

    just dont buy anything you need to smoke or you can just do something and keep your mind off smoking

  2. Tina W said :

    Chantix.. it is a new drug that you can get from your doctor that blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain. My dad quit with it. He smoked for 40 years and had tried several times, and several different methods to quit. This really worked for him.

  3. Aeriel c said :

    Try slowly each day taking 1 less cigarette and doing productive things to keep smoking off your mind. Watching tv should help or I dunno.. Drawing? something like that. Just have to be ready and prepared to quit because if your not prepared to quit how are you going to quit?

  4. omgyay_dotcom said :

    1.) Gum/patches don’t work, it’s the equivalent to starting using chewing tobacco instead of smoking, which keeps your dependence of nicotine.

    2.) The pill works, but can cause serious cases of depression and has been linked to suicide.

    3.) Best and safest way to quit is just do it. I used to say, “Ok, when this pack runs out I won’t buy any more.” But that’s a load of BS and you know it the same as I knew it then. So what did I do? I smoked a ciggy right before bed, threw the cigarettes down the garbage disposal and went to bed. Woke up and didn’t have any and I wouldn’t let myself go to the store. I purchased one of those straight plastic things that are used to peel oranges and chewed the hell out of that for a couple of months to satisfy the habit of moving the hand to the mouth, and voila 5 years later still smoke free (and I smoked ~2 packs/day.)

    Good luck to ya,


  5. Timelady said :

    The drugs do work. The main problem with them is people think they can take it for a couple of weeks and quit both cigarettes and the drug. I quit with Welbutrin and I am still taking it. It helped me through menopause and I found that I just feel better all around when I am on it. I still smoke one once in awhile , not every day and have no urge. I can go a week without and then bum one and then not think about after that.

  6. lexus100014 said :

    Look for information on how to quit smoking. Websites such as these may or may nor help you:

    I hope that these help you in any way possible.
    My best wishes to you on your reunion, hope that everything goes well.


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