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Smokers: If you got pregnant, would you give up smoking?

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9 Responses to “Smokers: If you got pregnant, would you give up smoking?”

  1. Lord of The Flies Pt.3 said :

    If I got pregnant I’d probably start doing all kinds of drugs.

  2. I <3 Beer ! said :

    Well… Its a good thing im a man smoker…


    I know a smoker who got pregnant, she still smoked. I dunno if she’s still pregnant, it might have died.

  4. Brant said :

    I’m a guy, so if I got pregnant, I’d probably start smoking. . . Pot!

  5. Mr. chris said :

    My mother and dad both smoked when i was being made.
    I smoke now and should quit, i am a man.

    I would make my wife quit if she got a baby on the way.

    I wish i had a wife on the way because i am single.

  6. Stephanie said :

    i would quit. it’s not worth the risk, and if you want to start up again after birthing the child then you can wait the 9 months instead of harming an innocent child.

  7. Jungle Fever said :

    if I got pregnant, I’d still smoke weed. I don’t smoke cigarettes.

  8. . said :

    yes, for a moment…..

  9. mazi-78e said :


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