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me and my boyfriend of 8+ years decided to give up smoking …. well i was wondering if i suspect him sneaking

well i was wondering if i suspect him sneaking around smoking …. should i be mad?

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11 Responses to “me and my boyfriend of 8+ years decided to give up smoking …. well i was wondering if i suspect him sneaking”

  1. bwgood2003 said :

    No, worry about yourself quitting smoking…..

  2. EmmaNicole said :

    yes you should, it is in your best interest to quit my mother died an absolutely horrible death from lung cancer

  3. piepiepie said :

    No, quitting smoking is incredibly difficult and sneaking a cigarette every once and awhile is okay since the alternative feels like an anxiety attack. Just be supportive.

  4. fucose_man said :

    Disappointed, maybe, but your real issue is your own quitting.

    “Team” quits almost never work because the whole thing falls apart if even one person does.

  5. T W said :

    No, because I hear it’s a tough thing to do. You should talk to him about it and working with him through it. Be each other’s support.

  6. sally1590 said :

    He’s only cheating himself, really. Just tell him you suspect he’s sneaking and offer support if he wants to keep trying to quit. Don’t be accusatory or anything. Just be there for him Congrats on quitting!

  7. Irish said :

    no—u know how hard it is to quit—ask him if he is struggling–suport each other–U can do it!

  8. camys_daddy said :

    Mad, no, disappointed, yes.

    Most likely he is sneaking because either he is embarrassed, or he is afraid you will be angry with him.

    This is when he needs you to be supportive, not judgmental. So being mad because he fails is not a good way to support what he is doing.

  9. Taz said :

    You both should quit for the sake of your health- sit and talk to him about this- even if you don’ t smoke you still are in risk because he is smoking ( or at least you suspect he is), so talk about the health risks in smoking for both of you.

  10. melanie j said :

    yes because you both made this commitment together

  11. mathnerd46 said :

    its a goal he made for himself. if he lied to himself about what he was going to do. let him deal with it on his own.


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