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IS youtube a good place to learn guitar?

I learn better from seeing…and I found a video that told me a good trick to remember the strings of the guitar starting from the top.
I bought this guitar months ago but never bothered learning until, I already play the clarinet so I have experience in reading music and playing.

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7 Responses to “IS youtube a good place to learn guitar?”

  1. Luigi Fontaine said :

    yes, youtube and many other places on the internet you will discover as you explore. the internet has done amazing things for the way instruments (especially guitar) can be learned.

  2. Bob said :

    Youtube is good for learning the basics of how to play,
    although I wouldn’t depend on it if you want to become an expert. 🙂

  3. pushpanjali said :

    You play a wind instrument and you want to learn a string instrument. Honestly, the best way to learn to play a new instrument is with an instructor. Someone who can give you corrections when you need it.

    I don’t think you can properly learn any performing art off of youtube. Some people are capable of learning to play instruments on their own, but since you aren’t then it’s best you find a teacher.

  4. abcdefghijknoel said :


  5. mamianka said :

    You can hole up in your house for 6 months looking at YouTube, or watching self-teaching videos, and at then end of that time – if you LAST that long – you will still suck. Call a teacher – save yourself TON of time, and get personalized help. Yes, lessons cost money – but there IS NO OTHER WAY to learn correctly. If there was – then why did I spend eight years in conservatories, getting 3 degrees?? I am a full-time professional musician, have EVERYTHING in life I want, and make into 6 figures a year. That’s because I know what I am doing – NONE of it learned by watching videos, etc. That stuff did not exist when I wanted to learn, and since it is now around, it only misleads kids into thinking that there is some kin d of shortcut. NOPE. The only one benefiting is the guy who sells this crap.

  6. Tigger said :

    Yes, and it’s Free!

  7. Average Mike said :

    It’s not as good a way as learning from a teaching professional.


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