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How do I learn to play guitar?

I’m trying to learn how to play guitar without lessons from a real person or a youtube video. Is there like a website that I can go to that helps me learn that I can print out and learn?

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5 Responses to “How do I learn to play guitar?”

  1. Nishan Pradhan said :

    Youtube for free or get lessons, easiest way

  2. Brew Crew said :

    Trying to self-teach yourself i assume, i did the same thing here’s how i did it
    #1 get a guitar
    #2 pick it up and start jammin
    after a year or so you’ll memorize most of the notes of coarse it never hurts to learn the basic chords
    G E A C D F if you learn those you can play lots of songs 🙂
    Hope this helps

  3. toki92 said :

    echords. there u can find the chords of any song u want. Master chords, they are easier to learn than tabs. Theres a link below, click it to vistit that tutorial. Also, ur finger tips WILL hurt after a while, dont worry tho, they will get hard after a while.

  4. Paul Guitar Teacher said :

    Hiya Moe
    There are loads of good sites that teach how to play guitar on the internet.
    Google for teach yourself guitar, or free guitar lessons.
    Its always good to get the opinion of an established player to start with though. I know it can be expensive for lessons from a guitar teacher, but do you have any friends that are having lessons?
    Maybe you can ask them to show you what they are learning.
    Good luck with it.

  5. schnisz said :

    I learned online and suggest that as well. You can learn at your own pace and there is no pressure like when you take lessons. Once you become a little bit more proficient, then you can seek out a good teacher. I started here and was very happy. good luck!


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