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On a scale of difficulty, how hard is it to learn guitar?

I want to learn how to play songs played by LM.C, but also the side of the soft love songs played to make people cry. I need a passion in life, so I decided to use my youth and take up guitar. Please tell me the reason as support for your answer. For the guitar players out there, how long did it take you to master it?

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2 Responses to “On a scale of difficulty, how hard is it to learn guitar?”

  1. ladydreamer254 said:

    To FULLY master any instrument takes a lifetime, or not even.

    To get past the basics and start playing easy songs takes a few months, but this varies as people learn at different speeds. Plus, it all comes down to how long and often someone practices, and what his or her goals are.

    It took me a month or so to get the basic chords down. Been playing for over four years.

  2. Sal Chaech said:

    Difficulty is relative.

    At first it can be very hard. I guess it would be something like learning a new language. A language that makes your fingers hurt… But it’s something like a game, each time you figure out something new, it’s a personal victory.

    For me, it got easier as I went on. I would learn more difficult things, but even then it’s just building on what’s already there, and the only real difficulty is that little stretch between what I already know and what I’d like to know.

    It took a few years before I felt I had control over my guitar, although (in the spirit of the constant search for NOLIJ) I’ll never feel I’ve truly mastered it. There’s always something new to learn.


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