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how hard is it to learn so beautiful by pete murray on accoustic guitar?

i heard this song on the radio today and i had a flashback of when this song first came out and it was one of my first inspirations to learn guitar (among other songs) i know basicly nothing about playing im just dieing to get a song down. would this song be to advanced to start with even tho its pretty basic? if so what would be some good songs to start with before that one?:

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One Response to “how hard is it to learn so beautiful by pete murray on accoustic guitar?”

  1. moblet said:

    I reckon you should go for it.

    On the fretboard it’s fairly simple but most of the chords in the verse are non-standard, so if you’ve learned the standard patterns they may seem strange (that said, they’re standard chords with one finger left off so they’re actually easier to play). I found these chords online. Play with a capo on the 3rd fret to match the recording – the recording is in C minor, 3rd fret means you can play it in Am. From memory you need to know four chords for the verse and four more for the chorus. The instrumental break in the original is done over the chorus chords.

    Not sure how easy it would be for a beginner to strum. There’s a chance you’ll come unstuck there.

    Another one of his that is simpler – especially the strumming – is Opportunity. One really simple song is Fade Into You by Mazzy Star, which is basically Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door to a different rhythm.


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