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How hard is it to learn to play Guitar? And how should I start?

I have always wanted to play guitar. Not in a band or anything, but to be able to play along with my favorite Rock Group. Like sitting outside listening to Motley Crue or Pink Floyd and be playing the guitar right along with the song.

How hard is it to learn?
How should I start?
What, if anything, should I buy?

I have little artistic capability, but I really want to learn.

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9 Responses to “How hard is it to learn to play Guitar? And how should I start?”

  1. soxfan said :

    some people just pick it up and play for me it was a little harder than i expected but i wouldn’t quit i learned by listening to cds n the radio and practice

  2. the shine of crystals said :

    go to

    they’ve got online lessons there, or so i heard

  3. THIS.B.ROSE said :

    there is a perfect beginner’s book by Mel Bay. It may seem a little childish at first but he has a whole series of books that start with the very basics. From there you just apply what you have learned and broaden into learning the music you love. Every starts with little kids songs because they have very basic melodies and little chord structure. Have fun. If you can spend a little cash look into private music schools. They will usually take in any age student who is willing to learn.

  4. Marie PF said :

    I used to play well but I’ve let it go a bit. But it is not difficult at all. A good program I saw was ESTEBAN on His method is easier than others. You will have to practice, though,and that takes time. Otherwise, ENJOY!

  5. Daisy said :

    I’d suggest buying a used guitar nothing fancy to learn to play on and ask your local music store if they give lessons. I have a lot of guitar players in my family that taught themselves to play by buying a chord book and learning the main basic chords and just went from there. But I know a lot of folks that took lessons and learned which got them to the place where they could play along with their fave songs….good luck!

  6. The_answer_person said :

    It is easier then you think. Get yourself a guitar with nylon strings to begin with. Steel hurts the fingertips till you build up callus’s. An acoustic guitar is great for beginners. Also some people find getting a small guitar to start with helpful. I suggest a big one myself.
    Now, go get some beginners books to start with. Try to find ones by Mel Bay if you can.
    Also go to this site here as I have seen a guitar teaching program on here and this site is really good. Have gotten several programs off them with no problems. They also scan for virus and ad ware before uploading anything.

    BTW, first lesson is this. Try to get them cords and notes memorized and try to keep your eyes ahead of you.

  7. EQ said :

    I wouldn’t call it hard, but you will need to allow time for callouses to build up on your fingers, and it will take some time for your hand to adjust to forming some of the more difficult chords.

    Beyond that, it’s just practice, like anything else.

    It’s easiest to learn with a teacher, at least to get you started. I’ve used books, videos, and a teacher, and the teacher experience was the best. It’s a cash outlay, sure, but a good teacher is worth it. They can answer questions, stop bad habits before they start (very important!), and give individual attention.

    You’ll need to buy a guitar. You don’t need top of the line, but don’t cheap out either. A bad guitar is difficult to play and will often lead to bad habits. You want a decent, well set-up guitar.

    (edit–I personally would NOT start with a nylon string guitar. The neck is wider and harder for your left hand, in my experience. The only advantage is the strings feel better on your fingers if you don’t have callouses, and that’s a moot point within a couple weeks).

  8. mad_mav70 said :

    It’s not real hard, I have very little talent with music. I tried at 15 to teach myself with a book and failed miserably. At 31 I pulled the old guitar out and decided to take lessons. I can now play with tabs and chords and even a little by ear. You need a good guitar, it makes all the difference. I would suggest starting with an acoustic, the electric plays easier but can set in bad habits. Above all, take lessons. Good luck.

  9. The Music Killa Sound said :

    Chords are a must to learn

    Buying a guitar depends on what you want to do if you want to play with or in or along a rock group then but an electric guitar

    I teach myself but you can buy vids or books


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