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Why do most people want to learn guitar such as electric and then give up because they say it’s to hard?

I think guitar is one of the easiest Instruments to play and I used to play piano and I find piano much harder than guitar, but I don’t understand why people give up easily on playing guitar?
It’s as easy as a lot of practice and calluses.

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9 Responses to “Why do most people want to learn guitar such as electric and then give up because they say it’s to hard?”

  1. What The Duck??? said :

    I personally find playing piano easier than guitar, because I don’t have to memorize chords or anything, I just press buttons and it sound right. I want to learn guitar though 🙂

  2. Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man said :

    The piano IS much harder than the guitar.

    People have the alacrity to learn an instrument, but not the patience.

  3. peacefrompaul said :

    They just simply don’t want to do it. they try it and don’t want to get good at it. You have to really want to do something to do it.

    Edit: I’ll have to agree that the piano is very tough. I played for oh, probably seven years and then I gave up. I moved on to bass and it is simple compared to piano. Piano is an exceptional building block for music though. I play with several good pianists and I’ll tell ya, they are the best musicians I play with. They can tell right away if something sounds weird in a song. I stopped playing and I try to go back and play stuff and it’s tough. Really good pianists work hard and they get really good at what they do. It’s all because they want to do it. Great question.

  4. Le Bouchon said :

    a poor guitar can hurt your fingers

  5. im a soul man said :

    most people want to learn how to play eddie hazel songs in ten minutes, they realize it takes practice and dedication so they just say fuck it

  6. Juan said :

    well i play guitar, bass and drums, and for that ive always thought that guitar, or any stringed instrument is relatively easy to play. but i find it extremely hard to play piano, although ive tried. but i think that because people see that there are so many guitarist they think they’ll learn in a day or two, they think is really easy but when reality kicks in they recognize it aint that simple, so they feel disappointed and give up

  7. Dave The Beast said :

    I play guitar because I love the sound it makes. Even playing simple Chords like G5 or C9 together makes me happy. Sometimes I’ll just strum randomly for fun, just to hear what a song could sound like. I haven’t been practicing lately, but I will learn guitar, no matter what it takes.

  8. Kaza said :

    For the novelty of saying they play the guitar. Some people think the guitar equals status, and will garner them lots of respect and popularity. And then they realize that it does actually require some effort, and decide that it isn’t worth their time because they were never actually in it for the music anyway.
    However, some others do want to learn music, and they try experimenting with various instruments to see what suits them. Some people don’t think the guitar is right for them.
    (By the way, I’ve been playing guitar for four years and am dedicated to it, but I still sometimes find it difficult; it just depends on the individuals strengths and weaknesses.)

  9. DieDieMyDarling said :

    For the longest time, I thought guitar was hard because I couldn’t get my fingers to move around fast enough. I also couldn’t play barre chords very well because my finger wouldn’t hold down ALL of the strings so I’d wind up getting a muted-buzzing sound.
    But I also realized that the strings on my guitar were much harder to push down than normal. All my friends’ guitars were so much easier to play.
    Another problem was that I had trouble finding songs that were easy to play. I’d always pick a song (I taught myself) and realize that it was much harder than it sounded.
    I would get really discouraged….which was why I almost gave up trying…piano came to me a lot easier because I had been playing for eight years. Guitar was different…in some ways it was harder, in some ways it was easier. It took me a while to find the right place to start.


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