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Is hard to learn guitar by my self?

i always want to learn some all by my self and i really adore guitar,as you all know ,is it hard to learn all by my self,as sure i’ll buy some books which can help me out .

and i really wanna hear the suggestions from you all
is it hard?

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6 Responses to “Is hard to learn guitar by my self?”

  1. Joshua Lynes said:

    I taught myself guitar and now I’m a full time musician as my career. In my opinion it wasn’t hard at all to teach myself how to play guitar. But I also had previous musical experience with other instruments. I believe when I first started guitar I just kind of played around on it until I found things that sounded good, that and learned a lot of songs I admired.

  2. You Betr Run! said:

    No! definitely not at all. I am a self-taught guitarist myself and I have been playing the guitar for 7 months. Yeah I’m pretty much a beginner but my friend said that I learn so very quickly. I personally think that self-taught guitarists can learn faster because they do not have to learn theories.
    I do not learn by books too, well I bought one but ended up not using it at all. I learn through the internet, mostly the basics from youtube. Look up a guy named “justinsandercoe” in youtube, he teaches easily and pretty straight-forward.

    Best of luck for you! One reminder, if you play the guitar at first, you may find it hard to play but you’ll get the hang of it later on. And oh, buy a classical guitar for starters, with the nylon string. Do not use the acoustic with steel strings because your fingertips will hurt really badly. =P

  3. GiddyGrady said:

    Self taught is the way to go. If you are really dedicated you can do what ever you want and be as good as you want. practice practice practice. Dont give up.

  4. The Grappler said:

    Absolutely – I’m totally self taught, for 43 years, and can’t read a note of music. I still manage to play some pretty good guitar.

    You can spend years studying music, but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to practice, which you can do without having to read the music (though it can make it easier to learn a new tune).

  5. Emil said:

    well in my opiion its hard to teach yourself any instrument i should know i taught my self how to play 9 but with detrmination and enou time on your hands adn if your willing to spend a lot of money itsd possible so have fun and contuine to make music and by the way are you plugged in or unpluged (acoustic or ellectirc)

  6. said:

    I never thought about the difficulty to learn to play the guitar. I am self-taught as well, but I had a fellow guitarist draw down 11 chords on a sheet of paper for me and then he assisted in rhythm techniques. I more or less learned the forming of the chords by myself.

    In high school I took a year of Vocal wherein I learned to read and write music notation–the best stepping platform to enhance guitar playing. Within a few years I had written several songs, including some Flamenco pieces that are most challenging.

    Learning more techniques with constant research, study, and immense practice sessions with other instrumentalists of many kinds had prepared me for a music career of sorts during my military career.

    Now, I teach when students are available and money is handy by the parents. I’ve taught more free lessons in my life than I have at earning a living with it. I continue to play, but not as much as in my former years. Other interests take their toll, such as church work, talks to prepare, and an occasional story to write.

    Just to let you know I first learned to play guitar in August 1956–53 years ago. I suppose that can qualify me as a seasoned guitar picker.

    My advice? Stop concerning yourself about the difficulty of learning to play the guitar. Just do it! Guitar playing is a challenge and will remain through the years, but if you get hung up on how hard it is to play, then you will be defeating yourself.

    I recommend a steel-string acoustic guitar to start on. It will challenge you and check how motivated you are to learn the thing. After several years you could go to the electric guitar if desired. If you cannot manage painful fingertips until the calluses arrive (in about two weeks) then you are not guitar-playing material.


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