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proper way to learn guitar?

when learning guitar, is it ok to look at where your fingers are on the fret or should i only pay attention to where im picking? i’m assuming i should try and not look at where my fingers are on the frets so i learn how to feel the chords, right?

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4 Responses to “proper way to learn guitar?”

  1. silencetheevil8 said:

    Got it backwards, try playing without lookign at where your strumming most likely the strumming will start to come naturally anyway, seeing where your fretting is essential and even the pros do it sometimes for new songs or cover songs, when you practice something long enough you won’t need to look at either.

  2. Lonnie P said:

    Yes, you are correct; but, until you get the ‘feel’ for where your fingers are, you need to look.

    Eventually, with MUCH practice, you will not only get the feel for chords but also for what string you are finger-picking.

    Good luck, friend! Guitar is a GREAT instrument!

  3. D Martin said:

    the best way to learn chords is to learn transitions from chord to chord. Try exploring how you get from one chord to another (G to C, E to D, etc.) and once you have the placement down, you can play around with strumming ar your will. You want to learn the chords first, and strumming sort of becomes a personal choice.

  4. Earl D said:

    it’s ok to look


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