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What are the steps of learning guitar? as in what do you have to learn?

What needs to be learnt to play guitar? and could you write them in an order of easy to hard? thanks so much <3

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6 Responses to “What are the steps of learning guitar? as in what do you have to learn?”

  1. ~BVB<33~ said:

    Reading sheet music, or at least tabs (, learning to play notes and where to put your fingers, strumming, chords. It always takes practice, try to push through it. most people will quit guitar right before they get it, so don’t stop, push through. 🙂

  2. Guitarpicker said:

    Start by visiting your local music store and pick up a booklet for beginning guitarists, such as Hal Leonard’s Beginning Guitar Method Book One. Inside are instructions in tuning, maintenance, basic chords, and, most important, basic music theory and accompanying exercises that will get you into learning music notation.

    While at the music store, pick up a comprehensive chord book of at least 2,500 chords and how they appear in music notation.

    Learn the Chromatic Scale for each string and the moveable chords, such as F, Fm, Bb, Bbm, Ab, C#, etc. These chords, all beginning in the first fret, are moveable and become new named chords as you progress up and then down the fretboard.

    There is no instant success at guitar playing; just a steady, on-the-course pursuit of improving each day until you have mastered quick changes of chords, produce good tones in those chords, and have developed appropriate rhythm techniques.

    Last, but crucial to your learning process, is building up the needful calluses that must come if you wish to play the guitar. Expect about two weeks until the fingertips begin to toughen up for you. Without them, chances of progressing on the guitar are almost negligible.

    You will have to spend a little money to get started, primarily for a beginner book and a quality chord book. If you can move beyond the painful fingertips and still feel determined to play the guitar, then you can do it.

    Best wishes.

  3. Left-T said:

    The steps are simple…

    1. How to tune the guitar
    2. How to hold the pick depending if its acoustic. If its a nylon string, you use your thung & fingers.
    3. Learn the open strings by name
    4. Start practicing notes and doing exercises. This involves reading from a music sheet or whatever the professor gives you. You sight-read each note with the proper fingering on the guitar.
    5. Some teachers start teaching chords at this point
    6. Then you study the timing and how to count each beat by strumming the chords or playing single notes.
    7. Learning how to use a metronome would come in handy at this stage or before. Also, yo can get a guitar tuner at this point. Easier to tune the instrument and more precise.
    8. Practice sessions 30 min. a day.

  4. Daemon said:

    1. Decent guitar
    2. Learn the strings/how to tune it
    3. Understanding on octave on the neck
    4. Learning how to fret
    5. Learning chords
    6. Learning basic right hand technique (i.e. strumming)
    7. Learn basic left hand technique (i.e. slides, hammer ons, pull offs,)
    8 . Learn 8-10 songs on your own
    9 . Learn alternate picking
    10. Learn pentatonic scales
    11. Learn 3 notes to a string scales
    12. Learn bends
    13. Learn 50 songs
    14. Learn sweep and circular picking
    15. Learn fast legato phrasing
    16. Learn string skipping
    17. Learn 4 note to a string scales, all alternately picked

  5. Tony Z said:

    very basically:

    Learn where the notes are on the guitar.
    Learn to read music.
    Learn the major and minor chords.
    Get instruction form a tutor regarding technique and mechanics.

    It requires commitment and time, but once you get it down, guitar playing is very rewarding and gives a lifetime of pleasure.

    Whatever you do, do not learn a few chords in a garage with some friends, and hack around. You will never be an accomplished guitarist that way.

  6. sant said:

    PluckandPlayGuitar has free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing.

    It takes you step by step through the basic guitar chords one by one. There’s also lessons on guitar scales, techniques and some easy songs to play.


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