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Im Thinking of learning guitar is it easy and should i learn how?

I have an awesome vintage 70’s guitar which needs to be tuned and needs a new string but besides thats its all good – by the way im guessing it needs those things i have no idea -so…
Should I learn to play guitar ?
And is it easy ?

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8 Responses to “Im Thinking of learning guitar is it easy and should i learn how?”

  1. who cares said:

    You should, it looks difficult

  2. Alice C. said:

    you should, it is awesome. i am learning right now too.
    take a few guitar lessons just to teach you the basics and stuff and from then on it’s just practice. a lot of practice.
    no, it’s not really easy, but once you get the hang of it and can actually play a tune it is totally worth it :]

  3. PaulScotty said:

    yeah, it’s fun and easy, although your fingers might feel blistery or in pain but it’ll subside ina day..

    check out this site online… has all your favorite songs and their guitar chords…..: )

  4. GIR ftw said:

    i play guitar and i can tell you that at first it wont be easty but later on it will get easier and wow a vintage 70’s guitar that thing should be worth alot but yea you should go for it

  5. RIVERKID said:

    It’s all about how much time you’re willing to put into it practicing. ——————————————

  6. pick me! pick me! said:

    Nothing is easy if you want to do it well.
    Yes, you should learn. Music is definitely good for you and learning to play an instrument will polish your coordination skills and buff up the left side of your brain, which will help with maths. And plus, knowing how to play the guitar is attractive.
    Your guitar will seem good to go when you replace that string. Mind you, if you go serious into it, you will need to invest in a better guitar.
    Go to a guitar teacher, don’t learn by yourself because it’s not the same, and it’s much harder. After you know the basics, then you can either continue to have lessons (I recommend this) or you can start learning songs on your own

    Best of luck!

  7. Dan said:

    Absolutely. Guitar is so much fun and is really good for developing your hand-eye coordination. It is easy to learn, but only if you REALLY apply yourself and TRULY take it seriously. I was 15 when I started learning. I never took a single lesson but I dedicated myself to it, and sacrificed many Saturday nights out with friends to stay home and get it right. It’s now almost 8 years later and not only am I a great guitar player, but I’ve also learned to sing, and play bass and drums. If you do decide to learn how to play, I highly suggest learning it your own way and on your own terms. There are a lot of guitarists out there who like to think that because they took lessons and learned to play it “properly,” that they have the right to criticize beginners or pick apart someone’s style. Don’t let them discourage you. Besides, the worst guitar players are actually the ones who play it by the book and don’t try to inject their own flavor into it. There’s nothing worse than a musician with no imagination.

  8. Steven McCool said:

    For the new strings, you should get some classical guitar strings. That way, your fingers won’t hurt as much and you won’t get blisters, which will make it easier to learn. A good way to get good at playing guitar is to learn how to read tabs. There are tons of tabs available on the internet that can help you learn faster. To train your fingers you should learn scales and chords, either from tabs or diagrams. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.


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