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Need to learn how to play guitar, but…?

OK, I’m learning to play guitar……I’ve got FAT fingers, and they stop the free strings from vibrating because they touch the strings. HELP. How do I keep this from happening. I’m a brass player, and happen to be a band director, but have never played guitar. I’d love to take this summer and learn, but can’t get past my fat fingers. Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “Need to learn how to play guitar, but…?”

  1. somethingtoxic said :

    There are guitars with wider and narrower necks. Look for a wider one. Usually the first ones found will be nylon classical guitars, so start there.

  2. person said :

    1. try a pick or a pick that slips on ur finger
    2. try using the very tops of your finges(tips)

    these are just some suggestions

  3. CGIV76 said :

    I have a friend that was in the same situation. He had a guitar custom made for him.

  4. Jeff said :

    Well you have a couple of options:

    You could get a guitar with a 2″ nut. (The nut is the thing that comes before the first fret on the guitar and is like a 0th fret.) The benefit of having a 2″ nut is that the neck of your guitar will be wider, giving you more room to play. However, I hear these guitars are also a little more expensive.

    You can also contact a luthier and see about getting a new nut, or rebuilding the current nut so that he can move the highest and lowest string closer to the edge of the guitar and space out the remaining 6 strings evenly giving you more room. This is fairly inexpensive. It shouldn’t cost more than $50 or so.

    Of course you could also just practice, practice, practice. Stringed instruments are unlike any other, as they require very precise and accurate playing to sound good. Try adjusting the way you place your arm, fingers, and wrist many different ways until you find a way that works for you. There are many guitarists who have had huge fingers and can still play great, and so can you. It just takes practice. If you find the perfect way to approach the fret board and make sure you are very accurate then you will already be one step ahead of 90% of the guitarists out there.

  5. ALKaholic said :

    The first guy is absolutely correct. More often than not, classical guitars have wider necks. Strings for these kinds of guitars are made out of nylon and only the low E is wrapped in metal – they are generally the same price as “regular” guitar strings. Like anything, it varies with the brand. On a side note, nylon strings are sometimes referred to as “cat gut” strings.
    Be forewarned, however, that the classical guitar produces a slightly different sound than a typical acoustic guitar today. Some songs just won’t sound right – but I guess that gives you a creative edge.

  6. Tak-boy said :

    Try a classical guitar, the strings are further apart. There are a couple guitar manufacturers that make wide neck steel stringed guitars, check out the Takamine EAN30C. Expensive but wide neck.


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