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How hard is it to learn how to play guitar?

Okay lately I have been more and more into acoustic music and I really like the way the guitar sounds. I bought a learning guitar, not like one of those expensive ones. I know that learning guitar is not easy or fast but can anyone help me in telling me how long it would take to learn how to play. I’m just talking about at-home playing, nothing fancy. Oh and I also think of learning from a professional.


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8 Responses to “How hard is it to learn how to play guitar?”

  1. Greshnab said :

    depends on the person no easy answer there… if you know how to read music and your fingers are already flexible and tough a few months.. if your fingers are stiff and you don’t know music years.. or even never

  2. alexisxradd said :

    I’ve been playing for four years and I’m still not super good….

  3. Aimee M said :

    When I was young my parents got me a guitar teacher. I wanted to learn how but didn’t want to practice. Now I am older and I tried and it’s hard cause my fingers don’t want to move to the cords. But I am self teaching. I think as long as you practice daily it’s not that hard but you probably have to have the talent in the first place- I don’t

  4. katelyn :) said :

    i’d say about three years to get going pretty good, but it really depends on how good your teacher is and how much you practice and if you have a natural talent or whatever (dont worry not a lot of people do). i know that i played guitar for about 8 months, practising maybe every second day for half an hour, but i had a really bad teacher, and i got better, with my fingers and stuff but then i got a new teacher and after a month i could see so much of a difference.
    try to get a teacher at home, dont go to a music store and get lessons, unless they have really good feedback about it or whatever, because they are busy and tend to muck you around a bit.
    after about 2 years you should be pretty damn good if you have a good teacher and you practise
    practising is so important, by the way
    hope this helped

  5. Rachel_S165 said :

    Depends. If all you really want to do is learn a few chords so that you can play some simple song accompaniments, you could probably do that in about 6 months or so, with daily practice.

    OTOH, if you actually want to get really good and be able to play anything you hear, read sheet music and play well with other people, you can expect it to take years, with lessons and daily practice.

  6. longpointbeach said :

    Depends on the teacher and how motivated you are to learn and practice. Set goals with the teacher and tell him or her what you want to accomplish. Self taught will frustrate you and you may get some bad habits that will be harder to correct once you start playing more, unless of course you are a super genius. Make it fun and treat it like art.

  7. psykochild said :

    well any kind of music can not be learned over night. playing guitar can be easy or hard depending on the person. some people naturally have a gift for music. that is just the way it is.

  8. Zach S said :

    I taught myself, and within 6 months, I could play the intro to I Want It All. I really, really wanted to get good at guitar, and practiced for 2-4 hours a day.

    My friend taught himself, and in about 6 months, he could play Horse With No Name. He didn’t really care…

    It really all depends on the person, and how motivated they are. After awhile of playing though, it definitely evens out, and gives way to things like theory and originality.


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