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when to start dog obedience classes?

i just got a new golden retriever puppy. she is only 6 weeks old. i want to take her to dog obedience classes, i know it still is waaaaay to early, but how young can she be for me to take her to classes. i want to start her in a class as soon as i can, what is the youngest age?

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10 Responses to “when to start dog obedience classes?”

  1. Shanna said :

    As soon as she has all her shots you can sign her up!

  2. Alyssa said :

    a) Whoever sold you that puppy did so illegally, you cannot legally sell any dog or cat less than 8 weeks old. If you know the person with the mother, give it back for 2 weeks. Those first 8 weeks with mom are critical to the puppy’s health and socialization; they should NEVER be separated that early.

    b) 10-12 weeks is the best time to start training.

  3. dogtrnrlvsbxrs said :

    Depends on the training classes, but start as soon as possible I recommend to start training at eight weeks old. You need to start training with your puppy as soon as you can since she is six weeks old and youve already taken her away from her parents and littermates. Puppies taken away before eight weeks of age have not learned social structure well and tend to become dominate assertive dogs. They need consitent training, and you must never give in to them or they will walk all over you. Start as soon as you can.

  4. pom_handler06 said :

    That is young to be taken away from the littermates and mother. The puppy should have been with them until it was at least 8 weeks old.
    Wait for the classes until the puppy has completed all of its shots so that is has a built up resistence to diseases.

  5. bridget s said :

    Usually about 16 weeks. But it’s never to early to start your own training. The quicker you start potty training the better.

  6. drb said :

    As soon as all her vaccinations are done, usually around 12 weeks. Ask your vet. Since you got her earlier than you really should, socilaization with other dogs will be important. In addition to obedience classes, you might want to consider a day or so a week of doggy day care, just so she’s around a lot of other dogs.
    In any case, you want to keep her from being exposed to other dogs until all her immunizations are done.

  7. Jess said :

    You can start puppy kindergarten classes.Some of these start as early as 8 weeks.

    You can never start training to early.

  8. suzy49 said :

    Most puppy classes will accept her once she’s around 10 weeks of age, and has had at least some of her puppy shots. Some classes require the full 3 sets of shots, others will start after she’s had one or two sets.

    Your right to want to get her started with her obedience while she’s young, she’ll learn quickly and the socialization and interaction with other puppies will be very good for her. You can check with the dog training schools near you, and see what their age and shot requirements are. You will most likely need to enroll her ahead of time anyway.

    You can find lots of info. on choosing an obedience school at the link below.

    Good luck with your little girl!

  9. blk_sheep_fl said :

    she really IS too young to be away from her mother…but maybe that was a typo? Anyway…most responsible trainers won’t allow your pup into a group class until it’s had rabies vaccine, which shouldn’t be given until the dog is 16 weeks old. By then you should have had three sets of vaccines for parvo, distemper, etc as well, and at least one for bordatella (kennel cough). Until your dog has had full vaccines you should not expose it to other dogs, and try to keep it away from places other dogs frequent (at least from places other dogs poop) since it can easily pick up infections that way.

    YOU can start training immediately…and with a golden the prime directive is this: your dog is going to be large. Many things a puppy does are cute, but when an 80 pound dog does them they are not so cute. Start by never allowing the puppy to do things you don’t want a full grown dog to do,.

  10. Marna O said :

    Ask your vet when he feels your puppy is protected enough from his vaccinations to take him into public. I would avoid public parks where lots of people take their dogs…lots of very irresponsible people out there!

    Find a trainer that offers “puppy classes” and find out from them what age and shots required. Good to learn puppy basics and dog socializtion skills.

    Later, when puppy is older, I think most trainers want them about 6 months old, enroll in basic obedience. This will be a more advanced class to teach you how to “polish” such as “heel” “sit” “down” “stay” “come” and walking around other dogs keeping your dog’s attention on you. the meantime…..start training now! No, a 6 week old puppy can’t be a polished obedience star. They have very little attention span, and sleep a lot!

    But, you can start “play/training” one of the MOST IMPORTANT things it is a dog MUST HAVE! Responding to “Come”.

    Pups have what I call a “follow instinct”. Use that to your advantage before he loses it! Walk slow and encourage your pup to follow…clap your hands, using his name or “pup pup”…and when he follows a few steps, get on the ground, give a little treat, play, and pet. Instill a reason for him to want to come to you….FUN TREATS PLAY


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