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What is the best method to learn guitar for a total novice?

I have downloaded Guitar Pro but want to know what is the best method to be adopted for learning a Guitar. Besides, how much time does it take to generate the chords on yourself after hearing a tune? I know the question is subjective but a general consensus would be appreciated. And finally, are there any more available softwares in the market to enable you in this learning?

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8 Responses to “What is the best method to learn guitar for a total novice?”

  1. Wondering... said :

    You know, it’s ok to learnn from people, not just software. Software can’t correct every little mistake that you make. FIND A CLASS!!!

  2. Thomas K said :

    Use the internet! If you search Guitar on, you can find eleven lessons that go from being a complete beginner to a near master. also, the internet is a gigundo resource for finding chords and picking AND lyrics for songs. The internet is what I am teaching myself off of.

  3. brent_ushumi said :

    go to, you will learn a lot

  4. scda_ct4cks said :

    Try this site:
    I’m currently reading their advanced lessons and it’s great. They also have lessons for people totally new to guitar playing.

  5. Maxime Savard-Beaudoin said :

    It really completely depends on your goals as a guitar player. As a guitar player myself, i know when i started playing was just to get laid with girls because musicians were cool… 😛

    anyhow, you probably want to A: learn chords and campfire songs to have fun. For this, guitar pro is perfect just learn to change rapidly from chord to chord and to sing a little.
    You might want to B: Be part of a band as a guitar soloist or just play fast guitar. This is also started by playing things or guitar pro, but you need to after wards learn scales and listen to lots of music to get the feel of a solo.
    Also, which I became, C: become a composer of music using the guitar… this is really complex because you have to learn theory and know your guitar really well.
    If you want A or B, guitar pro is just fine:play random songs you like and learn scales from wikipedia. Then try soloing freely on songs.
    For C, i could give you further information and books you could get.

  6. Kevin S said :


    The site is optimized to work with firefox, and does not show up correctly right now in internet explorer but I was told it would be fixed soon.

    The site is great, and has many tutorial videos and lessons to teach the beginner, and even the expert how to play new songs.

    Great new site

  7. jambul said :

    try read this free ebook

  8. ryan . said :

    Playing with a more experienced guitar player would be best approach. If you’re by yourself, there’s plenty of resources online. Check out


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