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best way to give up smoking in the new year?

from jan 1st gonna give up ciggies any suggestions . tried a few times before but have failed and always started again really want to do it this time and succeed

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4 Responses to “best way to give up smoking in the new year?”

  1. rhsaunders said :

    The only absolutely essential element is to actually decide to quit. Which will not be easy to do; nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known. But your mind is in charge, not your body, and it is quite capable of telling your body, when it wants a drag, to shut the f–k up because it ain’t gonna happen.

    My father was a smoker for many years. One day, my mother noticed that she had not seen him smoking recently, and inquired. “I quit,”, said he, and that was that.

  2. kiki_love11 said :

    That’s one of my resolutions. You have to want to quit. I’m going cold turkey with the help of nicotine gum. I have a huge oral fixation so I’ve stocked up on gum, sunflower seeds, etc. When do you smoke? After lunch? First thing in the morning? Try changing the habits that you associate with smoking. Good luck!

  3. edysalt said :

    I’d say you just gotta quit all of a sudden, all this weening off them just makes you prone to weening yourself back on them in the future.

  4. Thumbs Down said :

    live in Wisconsin 😀

    $1.00 per pack increase on the 1st 🙁

    thats a pretty dam good reason to quit


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