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Whats the best way to give up smoking during pregnancy?

I am 22 weeks pregnant and have always assumed that as soon as I was pregnant I would be able to just give up smoking but as time goes by I still haven’t done it!! Please don’t lecture me as I am fully aware of the risks of this and am feeling guilty all the time but just can’t seem to break the habit!! I’m even seeing an NHS Smoking advisor!! Whats wrong with me I feel like such a bad mum!! Please suggest something different for me to try.

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5 Responses to “Whats the best way to give up smoking during pregnancy?”

  1. Khefri said :

    Stop smoking and start chewing gum… That is probably the best , baby don’t need nicotine, from any source.

  2. simone said :

    cut back slowly. it’ll be bad for the baby to just give it up cold turkey! i know what it’s like with the guilt it took me only a week to get off of smoking (strong will power) but the feeling that your taking away oxygen and giving it poison… it just makes you feel so horrible near the end of smoking thats what just gave it all up for me was i couldn’t enjoy it and it just stressed me out more because i thought that i wasn’t giving my baby a choice and i was being selfish.

  3. Angela said :

    i couldn’t stop smoking until about how far along you are too. i started only smoking half a cigarette at a time and only smoked two cigarettes a day. no matter what you do, quitting will not be easy. i haven’t had a cigarette in a month and still have cravings. just do the best you can to cut down as much as you can. but if you can go two days without a cigarette, that 3rd day isn’t so bad. but just be sure you are around people that will understand that you will be a b**ch for the first couple days! lol good luck!

  4. lindsay w said :

    well im now 29 wks pregnant and stopped smoking 14 weeks ago with the help of cessation midwife,
    i still get prescription nicotine patches but that’s me on the last stage now as i requested because i don’t use them much now.
    I have really surprised myself how well i have managed never had any slip ups and i have smoked for 18yrs 20 a day even through my last 2 pregnancies i didn’t quit, i didn’t feel ready (i know terrible), but its the best thing i have ever done and will never go back to being a smoker i never thought us smokers smelt so bad lol.
    The best advice is only you know if you are ready to quit its an addiction, you can only do it for yourself, if you feel ready you will succeed and take it 1 day at a time if you slip up start again hope this helps

  5. ProudMomof3 said :

    My Dr. told me not to quit. Quitting causes stress and will harm the
    baby. So I cut back to 5-7 a day. The result. 3 pregnancies, 3 big
    and healthy babies. All because I listened to my Dr. His advice
    benefited my children.


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