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What is the easiest way to learn to play the guitar?

I bought a guitar about 4 years ago along with an instruction video, watched the video once and then gave up. I was digging through a bunch of old stuff and found my guitar, but not the DVD.

My question is, what would be the EASIEST and FASTEST way to learn guitar for someone with no musical experiance at all?

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12 Responses to “What is the easiest way to learn to play the guitar?”

  1. XTC666 said:

    try youtube.

  2. T R [Metallica week] said:

    By practicing. I suggest learning tabs first, then sheet music.
    Pick a song that you like and sounds easy on the guitar. MY first song was “Good Riddance” by green day.

    It’s easy to teach oneself, once you know the basics.

  3. mcigam said:

    Youtube videos are one way. Do you know how to read tabs at all? What I did was learn to read tabs. Then picked easy songs with a couple Chords. Try Nirvana songs. And then went to tablature sites to practice on.

  4. Nacht B said:

    You can’t learn to play guitar if you don’t have patience. The fastest way is with a teacher but if you don’t want to hire one then try the little movies on youtube or search for a guitarist community

  5. blondee4uxx said:

    get a guitar book that shows you the chords first …learn to be comfortable with the guitar …set yourself a goal to learn .also many good guitar sites here that you can learn on..take tips from other guitarist I can only play a few chords myself I dint have that experience …I felt like you too ..enjoy

  6. babygirl 1 said:

    take orchestra

  7. snootch2nootch said:

    well dude at first i didn’t have the patience to play guitar you know i just wanted to become good and quick but you need practice.
    Learn different riffs from different songs(Try at first to stick with one band)
    Learn what Frets,Power Chords, and The basics of guitar.

    You can find guitar tabs online.
    Personal info-
    My first song that my brother first showed me was the Enter Sandman intro and main riff By Metallica.

  8. Ingvar said:

    I think it would be best to learn to read tabs first, then move on to open chords and then bar chords. you can visit my blog for some free basic guitar instructions like how to read tabs and play chords

  9. Seth M said:

    practice practice!! get dvds and magazines with tabs.

  10. Ady said:

    Hey I’m in the exact same situation! A friend of mine gave me his old guitar last month and I’ve been teaching myself. I’m very impatient and don’t want to read books or know about what every single thing means before I can play! I don’t even know what people are talking about with bars and tabs and whatever- lol!

    I have been watching youtube videos and I do understand that you have to know basic chords in order to play any songs and THAT’S what takes so much practice- to be able to switch between chords is something that ONLY will come after practice, but if you learn the basics, then that’s all you need to move on.

    So this is the video I watched to learn the basic chords:

    I also took really simple notes so I didn’t have to keep rewinding or rewatching the video. It also helps for me to write things down to remember, but that might not be your style. Anyway, good luck and know your fingers will hurt! Mine do 🙂

  11. .Execute. said:

    first song i ever learned was “Romanza” which helps you with your fingerpicking and fretting
    and i used this website
    its free and it teaches you everything from chord progressions to arpeggios and chord theory

  12. sean e said:

    learn how to play a 2 finger power chord


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