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which way’s easiest to learn to play guitar?

by book, video, or trainer?
answer only if u know from experience or if a friend knows.
and how much will each cost? i want to learn to play by note, i guess, so i can be versatile like, if i wanna do rock i can, then anything else

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5 Responses to “which way’s easiest to learn to play guitar?”

  1. the old dog said :

    I don’t think there is an easy way. I just picked up the Mandolin about a month ago and it is difficult to learn with a teacher, by book, CD, and DVD.
    I was told by one of my friends who jams a lot to go jamming with as many as I can. There I will learn it faster…but I don’t think that it’s all that easy. Working with music theory will help a lot too as you suggested you wanted to. But by what I’ve been picking up from friends (and they all play guitars, and other stringed instruments) is the the best way is to play with other people.
    Jamming! Do a lot of that and apparently that’s the best way.

  2. dead_love_forever13 said :

    First start out with a trainer to learn the basics or I suppose a video could work also, after that you just can learn on your own by getting songs off the internet.

  3. Cody R said :

    this is how i started:
    Look on the web and learn to read guitar tabliture,
    after you have a basic understanding, start to practice playing simple songs useing the tab. also grab some information on chords, once you have a good understanding in chords the tab comes alot quicker. so thats my advice,

  4. piscis_iscariot said :

    with a teacher of course. that way you will learn guitar technique and harmony efficiently, and then the only thing you have to do is practice

  5. chessmaster1018 said :

    There is no easy way to learn. Having a teacher to me is the best way, when I first started I went to school to learn, then I had an in home private teacher. I teach classical and acoustic and to me having a private teacher is the best way, but as I’ve said to thousands on Yahoo if you can’t afford that there are many online lessons, videos, DVD’s, and Cds, and I think a lot of them are great…I’m not to fond of the free lessons…there not very complete…but I’ll give you some at the end and you be the judge !!!! So check out some of these sites and see what you think : ( Click on the guitar picture, great site, free electronic tuner on homepage, and where it says chords, click on it and you name the chord on the left and on the right it will show you how to make the chord, also many interesting guitar information)
    Free Sites :
    Also check out youtube, I’ve heard that they have free lessons, I haven’t check this out so I don’t know how good it is !!!
    Hope that you find something on one of these sites that will help you to get started….but remember nothings easy, it will take time, patience, and daily practice….good luck to you !!!!


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