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What’s the easiest way to learn to play guitar, also am i too old?I,m gonna be fifty!!?

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3 Responses to “What’s the easiest way to learn to play guitar, also am i too old?I,m gonna be fifty!!?”

  1. issa said :

    age doesn’t matter in learning instruments. i’m also too late to start playing the piano but i still tried and tried..just excercise your arms, hands and fingers always so that cramps and pains lessens.

  2. Nitzy said :

    The easiest way to learn is to probably just to get a chord book and learn as many open chords as you can. Then, anytime you want to learn a song, you can just do a search online for “Chords to (name of song)” and you should be able to learn it no problem. Also, try and get yourself familiar with some fretboard theory and the circle of fifths. You’re never too old!

  3. manthebraces said :

    If you are fifty then you are old enough to be able to afford a TEACHER… Don’t be like these arrogant kids that think they can get a guitar and immediately blast off some fancy riffs… HIRE A TEACHER and then take the time to LEARN THE BASICS before you want to wander off to playing things that are way beyond you and will just frustrate you later.

    My oldest student is my age of 68 and he does just fine… there are some things I can’t teach him because of the degenerative arthritis, but he is equal to ANY of these kids who have been playing for a couple of years and think they are ready to hire an agent.


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