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what is the easiest way to learn to play guitar?

i have a guitar but i don’t know how to play it and i really want to learn. does anyone have any ideas? other than getting a guitar instructor.

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11 Responses to “what is the easiest way to learn to play guitar?”

  1. Asad M said :

    learn it from someone who knows how to play it

  2. thomas m said :

    By saying other than getting a instructor, you are removing the proper answer
    It is strange how people ask a question and then remove the option for getting the correct answer
    Getting lessons are the correct answer
    Lessons will help you over the long run. You have to stick with it and learn all that boring stuff.
    Over the course of years the one whom gets lessons will be miles ahead of the self taught.
    Getting lessons are not going to be all about learning a song. It is going to be about learning the stuff songs are made of so that you can teach yourself any song.

    As far as cost, look on craigslist. I know a guy who goes to BGSU and teaches guitar from his home and only charges 15 dollars
    another who only charges 20 dollars and only does it so he can paid for his studio. Your only getting one lesson a week. You might have to look around for a week or two as most do not post there everyday but do keep looking , you will find one.

    To all those who say they don’t need lessons. You take the time to think how much better they could be if they had lessons. To those who say jimi hendrix never had lessons , just imagine how much better he could have been if he would have got lessons

    Have yourself a look at this guys post. He has been playing 4 1/2 years and now feels like he is behind cause he didn’t get lessons.;…

    The point is lessons start out kind of slow but once all the boring stuff is learned, you take off and pass right on by the self taught

  3. greengrass said :

    I’m teaching myself guitar right now with a Teach-Yourself-Guitar book. It’s actually going really well. I also have a DVD that came with the guitar and amp that teaches how to hold the guitar, chords, etc. The book that I use starts out by teaching you notes, then moves onto chords. It also teaches you how to read music. I can give you the link for the book right here.
    This book is in a series, so the books that follow teach you more advanced stuff. Good luck!

  4. Elicasel said :

    Memorize the chords according to any self-help music books…

    Download a self-help E-Book…

    Or type-in to your favorite search engine the word ‘Introduction’ in addition to the things you need… This pretty much helps… I’ve tried this Introduction word so many times when I need to learn something…

  5. Mikey, just Mikey said :

    Get a teacher – that’s by far the easiest way. Every other way is tied for hardest way to learn.

  6. Q.Z. said :

    try some online sites

  7. Somit said :

    The options for you are:
    1. Learn from an instructor: (u dont want to do that)
    2. A Good Book (not Interactive enough – Too rigid)
    3. Use the resources avaiable on the net

    The best option is ofcourse no 3. Just ensure you get a good grounding in music theory before you get into the actual playing.
    Here are some reference to get you started
    1. Music Theory –
    2. Guitar Basics –
    3. Guitar Lessons –

    The reason I recommend this is because you will not miss out on any basics on your musical journey

    Also look for U tube videos for supplementing the above material

  8. Mark said :

    you could get a poster with all the chords and finger positionings or you could get a book with instructions and follow them

  9. mixter said :

    Lessons are by far the best way to learn, but you don’t need to get a private instructor, take a class at your local community college, or adult school. They will teach you proper technic, and music theory. plus they are lots cheaper than private lessons, and sometimes even free.
    If you want to go the self taught route, try Justin Guitar. It has free text and video lessons, for all levels.

  10. josered1963 said :

    use the internet to get a chart of chords

  11. SKCave said :

    OK. No you don’t need to get a teacher (although I’ve been teaching guitar for many years, I am self taught.) You need: time to practise;
    willingness to put up with pain in the fingers; short nails on the left hand. There are many different tutor books out there, depending on what style you want to play – go and see if you can find one that suits.
    If you don’t already have one, buy a tuner (electronic if you can afford it). Tune the guitar. Find chord windows of simple chords ( A, D, E are a good start.) finger each chord, poushing down against the fretboard until the strings sound (this is the painful bit) when all the strings are sounding, play a rhythm with the right hand (usong a plectrum) It will take a little time, but persevere. Then find another chord and repeat the experience. Then practise changing chords. when you can do that with 2, you can expand your repertoire to 3 or more chords.

    Hope this helps


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