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What is the fastest way to learn guitar?

What self taught books and/or dvds lead to the fastest results for playing the guitar?

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11 Responses to “What is the fastest way to learn guitar?”

  1. bigrobot434 said:

    what i did to start getting into guitar, is first i started learning the simple guitar riffs in songs that i likes, and worked for hours on the ones that were hard to me until i got the harder one, and then it seems your fingers are able to upgrade to harder works after you work on harder songs.

    to want to play more often, your going to want to watch guitar covers of harder songs and it’ll make you want to try and work hard to be able to do that someday.

    I don’t personally like using books because its easy to screw something up if you read something wrong, and i don’t like videos unless the show you everything very carefully. The best way to learn is to get someone you are close to or you know to teach you because you will be able to connect with them at least a little bit.

  2. GuitarPlayer said:

    First things first…..take that thing called your life and throw it out the window! Then use the internet to your fullest advantage. There are tons of free sites that help you learn how to play guitar. is good for tabs. is good for video lessons. But BY FAR the best way to learn is to jam with other more advanced guitarists, take note of their techniques and ask questions. MOST good guitarists are happy to help someone just starting out. If you want to get really good it takes hours upon hours of practice….when i first started I was playing 4-6 hours a day. I’ve been playing for 7-8 years and still play on average an hour or two a day, sometimes i play all day long.

  3. roosterc0cl said:

    The fastest way to learn guitar is!…

    go to this site “” and look up your favorite song. It gives a tab to the song.

    You should learn how to read tablature before you try to figure out how to play… cuz your gonna have to. But dont worry! tablature is EXTREMELY easy to learn! It’s probably what you think it is…

    playing songs by your favorite artist is the fastest way to learn guitar.

    i’ve been playing guitar for 10 months and i already can play some amazing things, beleive it or not. But how fast the skill comes depends on who you are. Are you dedicated enough?

    I also played a lot everday, on average 2-3 hours. Sometimes i sit there all day and just rock out.

    Self taught books? My favorite was guitar for dummys

    you can find pretty much any style in the books.
    the one i got was “rock guitar for dummys” or something like that.

    hopefully this helped.. cuz i wrote a lot..

  4. G-Dawg said:

    tab books

  5. Lars said:

    1) Play each and every day
    2) Set short term goals
    3) Have a practice schedule
    4) Play things you like, and not songs recommended for beginners
    5) Play things you find challenging
    6) Play things SLOOOOOWLY, and PERFECTLY, before starting to play fast.
    7) Use
    8) Read the “Crusade” articles on (It’s in the columns section)
    9) Find a band, this really puts the pressure on you to practice your songs
    10) Did I mention this? -> Play each and every day!

    Books are usually not that good in my opinion. There are chord encyclopaedias out there which are useful if you want to learn chords.

    Persistence! Learning guitar isn’t fast. The first 6 months are usually deemed the hardest. It gets easier after that. I know – I’ve been playing for 7 months and it took me about 5 months before I felt that I had made some really awesome progress.

    Edit: Oh yeah, you will NEED guitar pro. If you want the tabs for a song you can simply search for “”song name” guitar pro tab” on google and you will most likely find a file.

  6. Stan said:

    You have to sacrifice.

    Many Saturday nights I stayed home and practiced while my friends partied.

    You’ll improve faster in one year playing with another experienced musician, then you will spending 10 years sitting alone in your bedroom.

    As far as web sites, this one has it all, and it’s all free…

    As far as DVD’s and instructional material, one of the best out there is Arlen Roth who runs a site called “HotLicks.”

  7. Waffle S said:

    practice practice practice.

  8. Keith said:

    I don’t won’t to go on about myself. So I will make it so you can apply yourself the same way to music. Enjoy every note you make. It is all music. Learn how to place your fingers first and how to hold a pick. Next pick out your influences and pick up their tabs online. Don’t try to be them but learn what you like about there little things that they do.
    I am a Bass player and I was taught when I had taken a lesson, then I quit the next day because he told me something I wanted to hear. Don’t use a pick because it is not you playing what is supposed to be coming out of your hands. I agreed! So I had taken it a step further by saying well what you are teaching me is not me, it is you. I have played the bass for 14 years now and could not tell you a note on my bass but I can sure and heck play what I need to play to make it as far as I did for a style of music that I never even liked and that was punk. We were 3rd best punk rock band in MA.(Although a small state, it is a tough place to make it) We have been called now after 3 years of not playing out, legends. Looks like I influenced the people that play punk rock now. I keep telling them put down your Fender fire wood and drop the pick but they sound good with their same ol’ song and dance. Try not to be them.
    When you go to play music with other people play as a band. You are no good with out them and if you over play them as far as sound and your ability then you need another band if your not happy with them.

  9. Raven Rage said:

    I have some videos on youtube on how to play guitar if you want to check that out along with reviews. As for learning fast just learn a lot of chords and then play simpler songs. I started on Metallica but that’s just me. Youtube is your best friend for learning guitar IMO. Its a great site full of different styles and free lessons including mine.

    As for DVDs if you want to pay for them go and get the Fender DVD’s they are great tools with plenty of features on how to play guitar. Keith Wyatt is a great teacher. I already knew everything on the DVD before I got it but he’s a great teacher overall.

  10. ellonysman said:

    I really have a great answer and I think you would agree with me, but give me a buzz thru here and I will tell you..its not commercial, just what I did to learn guitar…not a promo…i still suck but its a great place to use…reply to me.

  11. Sam B said:

    First, learn how to practice properly. If you don’t practice properly, you can play for hours and get nowhere fast. Short practice sessions daily are better than a single long session per week. A side effect of short sessions is that you will develop callouses faster on your fretting hand and be able to play longer than if you only played 2 hrs on a sunday. Check out the article 5) Effective Practice Strategies

    I mainly use 4 resources. Learn and Master guitar, Jamorama, YouTube and The great thing about Learn and Master guitar and Jamorama is that you can learn at your own pace. If you want to learn fast, then you can go through the lessons quickly. L&M guitar is a great dvd course and very thorough. There are 20 DVD’s and 5 jam cd’s to play along with. Jamorama is a downloadable course and also has great content. You don’t need both though. I just wanted to learn from two different perspectives and I enjoy using both of them. If you are on a tighter budget, Jamorama is cheaper at about $40 and is an instant download (well, it doesn’t download instantly but you can have access to download right after you pay).

    Now if you want to play your favorite song, that is where YouTube comes in. There are many ‘how to’ videos which are excellent for showing you the chords and sometimes the strumming pattern. You may have to look around a bit though, sometimes the ‘how to’ videos can be absolutely atrocious. has some good lessons and is definitely worth checking out (aka


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