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Is it fine to learn guitar at the age of 13?

My cousin is now 13 and I’m just wondering if she can learn guitar if I will buy her one for her birthday. Although, she doesn’t want to take lessons. Can she self teach herself?

Oh btw; Which guitar is recommended? and what size is better for her to learn faster as a beginner?

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6 Responses to “Is it fine to learn guitar at the age of 13?”

  1. chrome tips said :

    Yes 13 is totally fine. Get her a> pink Ibanez 24 fret electric guitar.

  2. Nathan said :

    yes. although i would recommend receiving some lessons, it is possible to learn to play some cool songs on guitar via self teaching. I would recommend a simple, cheap acoustic guitar for her first guitar. A standard size is appropriate, however you should probably check with your cousin to ensure that she likes the guitar before you purchase it.

  3. Gianna said :

    It is never to early or to late to play guitar. (i started at 7, and my teacher started at 20.) I would recommend an accoustic guitar. There isn’t exactly sizes??? Just don’t get her one of those teeny tiny guitars for 5 year olds. If she dosen’t want to take guitar lessons then there are alot of how-tos online that i find very helpful.

  4. Mick said :

    I started learning guitar by teaching myself from the age of 13. I’m 15 now, and I *think* I’m reasonably good. So yeah, it’s totally possible.

    The problem with self-teaching is sometimes you pick up some really odd techniques. (I picked up the guitar upside-down, and by the time someone told me that was wrong, it was too late XD)

    I would start out a beginner with a nylon string acoustic guitar, because those are easiest on the fingers and also because I’m biased. (I LOVE acoustic music)

  5. Paul Guitar Teacher said :

    Hiya Ashley
    Its great that your cousin wants to learn to play. Theres loads of info online about teaching yourself to play. I know it can be a bit of a worry for a 13 year old to go for lessons, but it will really help her in the beginning if she does go and see a teacher who can advice on the basics of finger positioning and posture. I was 12 when I started.
    She’ll be ok with a standard size guitar, and electric guitars are good to start with straight away. There are some packages available that have all you need to start, including the amp, leads and picks etc.
    She can always upgrade in the future as she gets into it.
    Good luck

  6. Code Shred said :

    Of course you can start learning guitar at any age.

    If you want her to teach herself, try watching some of the lessons on this website and see if you think she can follow them. (all free)


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