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What is the youngest age you can enter an Dog Obedience/Agility/Fly-ball Club in Victoria, Aus?

My niece wants to enter her dog in a Obedience/Agility/Fly-ball Club but she wants to know whats the youngest you have to be to be aloud to enter. She is 13.
Oops i meant that my neice is 13 and her dog is 2. I wanted to know if my neice was old enough to enter.

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2 Responses to “What is the youngest age you can enter an Dog Obedience/Agility/Fly-ball Club in Victoria, Aus?”

  1. KaRayZee said :

    I think the dog has to be 2 y/o or something like that, so the dog is completely grown before Competition. I don’t think a13y/o dog will be very good at competing, that is a senior dog.

  2. schnauzer said :

    That is old enough.Most Clubs will not allow children under 9 years of age to be a member and participate in these activities although it all depends on the Club you belong to.
    If you wish to know more of the age and what clubs are nearest to you which may be good to go to for training first as you have to do that of course contact the VCA aka Vic Dogs at Skye and they may send some info to you or point you in the right direction.
    A couple of years back they changed a lot of the rules regarding obedience so if you rely on any old books on training you may find they are out of date.
    One of the best clubs around if you live down that direction is Southern Obedience Club and if in the Other direction Northern Obedience Club.
    It is too much for a dog to do all thea above at one time so choose which you wish to do first .l would recommend Obedience as than you have a dog trained with commands so it will be easier than to do Agility but it also depends on the age of the dog especially if a young pup who has a concentration period of only a few minutes and you cannot expect much out of that but beginners class is easy and than both will progress through the classes.Remember whatever she learns at Class she must practice at home during the week but for short periods only.
    Vic dogs may send out to you one of their gazettes which gives you a list of some affiliated Clubs with Vic dogs.
    Remember if you do not have either a Limited register dog or main register dog in Obedience etc it is put on the Associate Register which just means it has never b een registered by the VCA.
    Good luck and enjoy
    PS Go to the Royal Melb Show and watch the events there you normally can find a table of events near to when the Royal starts on the Internet which is middle to late Sept of this Year.


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